The best alternative sites for Kiss Cartoon to watch cartoon online

With the current situation arising in the world, life has come to a standstill. We all are stuck indoors, our days start and end sitting in front of the laptop working from home.

Thankfully there is entertainment that provides us moments of happiness and helps us get away from reality. The cartoon is one such form of entertainment. And kisscartoon is one such medium where we can all watch all cartoons online and that too without paying.

What is Kiss Cartoon?

This pandemic has left us locked at home with no plans and no hanging out with friends. Along this come boredom, depression, and confinement taking a toll on our mental health.

Kiss Cartoon is a popular site that allows us to stream numerous cartoons and movies of our choice and free of cost. The cartoons available were of higher quality which gave us a thrilling experience. Within a short time, this site had gained much popularity and followers.

The Shutdown of Kiss Cartoon

From the very start, Kiss Cartoon ran into multiple issues and the website used to be downtime again and again. But, in the year 2017, the site finally shut down owing to copyright issues.

The site used to be very much popular among the fans and also had great video and audio quality. Therefore, the sudden closure of the site came as a shock for many viewers for they had got used to watching streaming cartoons and movies in kisscartoon. But, still, the viewers have the hope that the site would return based on its previous records but all in vain. 

But, we present you with the best alternatives for kiss cartoons, where you can watch live streaming cartoons and anime movies free of cost. Let us discuss them:

Kiss Anime

If you are a fan of anime movies, then this website is just for you. On this site, you can find the famous anime series provided in high quality.

This site is very much user-friendly and the interface is also very quick and easy. It also has dubbed content for easy understanding that can be downloaded. And the best part is, this is free of cost.

Cartoon Extra

This site has a never-ending list of all the cartoons and animes and most out of them is even unheard of. All the popular cartoons like Dora and SpongeBob Square pants, Loony Toons are available on this website.

Take your time and think about the cartoon you want to see, and it is available here. The interface is very much impressive too. Now enjoy all the cartoons from your childhood and get nostalgic.

Chia- Anime

Chia- Anime recently got very much popular for its vast collection of cartoons and anime videos. This site provides dubbed content and has a never-ending list. Guess what? Here, you can watch your favorite Manga cartoon too. The vast collection here will never bore you.

So, stop missing kiss cartoons and prepare for binge-watching your favorite cartoon and anime movies, and relive your childhood memories.

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