8 Road Trip Survival Tips

Working hard the whole year ‘round and ensuring all the bills are paid, chores done, and ehrm… – pets fed, can be quite taxing on a person’s mental state.

To battle this, some people go on weekly fishing excursions, some go to sports events where they support their favorite team, and some go on a proper cross country road trip! (All of these activities are not mutually exclusive, of course. You can go on a road trip AND fish at various locations along the way, how’s that!)

Anyway, if you’ve decided to go and gather your crew about you, you must resist the urge to just start up the caravan and get going. Some planning can save you a lot of bother down the road, so make sure to take into account different aspects of the trip before you set off.

In this article, we’re listing 8 road trip survival tips, so that you can have a clearer picture of what may lay ahead of ya.

Alright, then folks here’s the deal.

Create a Rough Plan of Stops and Activities

This is a plan you probably won’t follow to a T.

The thing is – having some sort of grand structure in mind will make your road trip well-rounded and you’ll keep yourself accountable along the way. You don’t want to end up in the middle of nowhere with your own cult and a fervent following of locals months later just because you made an awkward stop along the way!

Fix Your Car

Unless you don’t need to. But you’ve got to get it checked to know.

Noting throws a spanner in the works of a road trip as a faulty vehicle that keeps breaking down. In order to prevent major automotive disasters, make sure your car, caravan, or truck is in spick ‘n’ span condition before you set off.

Bring Plenty of Food Onboard

Many people tend to underestimate their appetites when it comes to going on a road trip.

Chances are – various activities you engage in along the way will drain your energy quickly, so you’ll be hungry more often than you think. Therefore, make sure to have a sort of mini haul of various snacks and other food that can sustain you until you reach the next pit stop.

Bring Some Workout Equipment With You

The fact you’re on a road trip doesn’t have to mean you’re free from doing your workout sessions.

Prevent getting behind schedule with your workout goals by bringing some jogging shoes, mini weights, or a punching bag onboard your camping vehicle.

Obtain Maps

If most of what you do during your trip is driving, there’s a pretty high likelihood of you getting lost somewhere along the way.

This is why you’ll need some well-detailed, up-to-date maps you can trust to get you from point A to point B. If you’ve got one of those digital GPS devices, even better!

Protect Yourself against a Road Accident

Road Trip

Other than fixing your car prior to setting off on your journey, you should also have a clear course of action in case you end up in a car accident.

This may be a matter you won’t really discuss straight after having an accident, God forbid, but knowing some car accident lawyers can come in handy with the matters of settlement or suing for damages in case the crash wasn’t your fault.

Don’t Hog on the Radio

Other people’s musical tastes are inferior to that of yours, but a road trip is somewhat of a delicate situation.

As tough as it may sound, you’ll probably have to give up some of your authority on the radio device and let other passengers choose their stations every now and again.

Organize a Budget

A road trip, especially a poorly planned one, can put an incredible dent in your finances.

So, organizing a realistic budget beforehand can be a great way to tackle the expenses and limit the amount of money you spend along the way.

That vintage guitar you’ve found at wholesale during a pit stop sure looks attractive, but do you really need it? And more importantly, can your sorry bottom pay for it. All things considered, setting off on a road trip can be a massive adventure you’ll remember for years to come, so ensuring you go well-stacked on snacks and maps is a prerequisite for a successful voyage!

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