7 Tips For Creating An Improved Law Firm Website Design

Lawyers, like other professionals, have understood the importance of technology and are investing in websites for themselves. However, they must know how to maximize the potential of their interface by creating an engaging law firm website design. A good layout does not have only visual appeal but it also encourages visitors to spend more time.

The best law firm website designs help in creating a distinct identity for the entity they represent. Creating an attractive and engaging layout can be a challenging task. The usual tactics of using bright colors or unusual typography cannot be used to create a legal website. Let’s see how legal professionals can build an improved interface for their firm.

1. Identify The Important Pages

The content of a website needs to be divided into multiple pages. This helps in creating an effective navigation structure and organizing the content. Lawyers must first identify a set of important pages and convey the information to their website design team.

A legal interface must have attractive “Contact Us” and “About Us” pages with suitable CTAs and contact forms. Include only the necessary fields for collecting basic visitor information like name, telephone number, email ID, practice area etc.

The contact details must be prominently displayed on the pages. Landing pages for different practice areas are also necessary. A section for displaying client testimonials can also be added to the interface.

2. Add A Blog To The Website

All lawyers must consider adding a blog to their interface. This will help in showcasing their legal knowledge to the target audience. Not only beginners but even experienced professionals must include a blog on their websites.

The majority of people are surfing the internet in search of solutions to their problems. In case they find a useful article, they are more likely to contact the author for help rather than approaching someone else.

Attorneys do not need to write only about cases and legal technicalities. They can share their opinions on different issues as well as other experiences.

3. Display Contact Information Prominently

Legal professionals cannot provide help over the internet and need to interact with their clients to find a solution for their problems. A law firm website must display the contact information on every page.

The phone number and email ID must be included in the header or any other prominent location of all the pages.

As mentioned earlier, the contact page must have detailed information about how people can get in touch with the agency.

Displaying the postal address helps in establishing trust in the minds of the target audience. Including social media buttons linking to the organization’s social accounts will also be useful.

4. Build A Mobile-friendly Interface

The reach of a website can be increased by making it responsive. Every other person in the world is using a mobile device to surf the internet and search for solutions.

Investing in a mobile-friendly interface, therefore, makes sense as it enables a law firm to increase its reach. Ensure that the web design agency hired for creating the interface builds a responsive interface. This will help the website in being displayed easily on all kinds of screens.

Visitors will be able to see all the necessary information clearly. The CTAs will also be optimized so that they can be clicked easily on small screens. Mobile-friendliness is a mandatory feature of a good law firm website design.

5. Incorporate Firm’s Branding In The Design

A website has grown from being a simple informational device to a powerful marketing tool. Attorneys must use the internet to build their brand.

The website design must be created around a law firm’s existing branding strategy. If there is a logo or specific color scheme being used by the agency, then it must be made a part of the layout.

Firm owners must be careful that the branding strategy remains consistent across all digital platforms. The same logo and styling appearing on multiple avenues will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the target audience.

The online marketing experts for law firms say that building a brand helps in attracting as well as retaining customers.

6. Create Impressive Attorney Profiles

The main motive of visitors to law firm websites is to learn about the expertise of the lawyers. Attorney profiles, therefore, become very important.

People want to know about education as well as the work experience of the professionals. The bio must include the degree of the attorneys along with the institutions attended by them.

The awards and recognitions won by the professionals must also be mentioned. If the attorney or the agency are members of prestigious organizations, then it must be communicated to the visitors.

Attorneys have to understand that they are promoting a product. Even if they are not using an overtly promotional tone, they must leave no stone unturned in impressing potential clients.

7. Optimize The Design For Speed

Website speed is an important factor for ensuring a satisfying user experience. The design must be optimized for ensuring the page load time is as less as possible.

All the images placed on the website must be resized and optimized before uploading. The design elements must be simple so that they do not consume extensive resources.

Moreover, the firm must select a reputable hosting service to ensure that the website loads quickly in a browser.


The legal industry is intensely competitive and new lawyers have to struggle hard to make a name for themselves. They must keep the above-mentioned suggestions in mind while creating their law firm website design so that they acquire a high-performance interface.

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