7 Web Design Tips for eCommerce Websites to build a delightful User Experience

In the year 2019 user experience will be everything. If you provide your visitors with a user-friendly interface it will make them feel comfortable and they will surely come back for more.

To get ahead of your competitors you must apply some strategies, monitor the progress and see which strategy is working for you.

To create an engaging UX it takes time and effort. But what if you can create better UX just by following some tips. Won’t that be great?

Mobile Experiences still matter

Mobile Experiences
Mobile Experiences

Consumers are using phones to search, buy, and entertain themselves. The websites are going out of fashion or the bounce rate of mobile website is low.   

To take leverage from this situation it is a smart move to optimize your website for mobile experiences. If you are not improving the experiences and developing websites that are optimized for various screen sizes you’re making a big mistake.


Speed & Loading time of your website

Everyone is impatient these days. It only takes 8 seconds for a user to switch to a new website. If you don’t offer important things on the first page you are simply driving users away.

Just giving the information is not the complete a solution, you must ensure that your website loads fast. A poor UX will take a lot of time to load and this will agonize the users to look for an alternate opportunity.

Use a tool like Pingdom to find out the loading speed of your website and it will also point out how you can speed up the website with just a few iterations in your website.

Achieving more with less effort

eCommerce web design checklist

One important mistake that ecommerce owners face with their business is information overload. There is so much of content out there, but your customer doesn’t need everything to buy from you. Just some features of your product or if you’re providing solution to a problem mention that.

When users visit an ecommerce website they expect to get their desired product fast. If the product is not in the front, it will create uneasiness for the user and the visitor will not spend any more time on the website.

Visuals are important

As the saying goes, pictures worth a thousand words. Regardless of how simple your content is, or how fast your website loads, if you use powerful images on your website, you’ll be amazed on how people respond to your posts.

Using high-quality images will attract users and steal their attention. And if the images that you’re using are of real people, this will create a double impact.

The angle, the lightning, and even the background matters when it comes to product photos in an eCommerce website.

Customized landing pages

Your ecommerce will set the tone of your website. It will be a bridge between you and your users. Instead of showing products that you want to sell, you must show the visitors what they want to see.

You can do this by customizing the products for your users. Each user will see the product as something personal to them. If you’re able to touch a nerve, it will be easy for your users to buy products from you.

Chatbot for your website

AI is the future of anything that we are trying to achieve. With robots already working in Amazon, Alibaba stores, eCommerce websites are also using chatbots to handle most of their customer service problems.

You don’t have to hire an agent for 24 hours. The AI agent will take care of all the minors problems with your customers. The good thing about Chatbots is that they use simultaneous options at once which makes them a good UX option.

For example, they can act as a customer service rep who is willing to help customers or a sales rep that can close the sale by offering some incentives.

The Same Branding on all platform

Email marketing

The big part of branding is all about what users are feeling about your brand. If they consider it as an established brand they will try to engage with the brand automatically. And even if you’re a professional website design agency you’ll need to use the same elements on all your branding materials which are present online. 

Over to you

It’s often difficult to grab the customers in the first few seconds. But if you use any of the above tips it will make things easy for you. You won’t need to look for hard ways to create a delightful user experience.

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