5 Reasons to Travel Solo at Least Once in Your Lifetime

A solo trip or adventure can be life-changing. Research proves that travelling alone advances personal growth. So, travelling alone in no way means being lonely or weird. A solo trip can prove to be so incredible that travelling solo might addict you instantly.

Here are 5 reasons to travel solo at least once in your lifetime:

You are free to follow your schedule

Isn’t it glorious setting your plan without requiring to harmonize with anybody else? While travelling solo, you have the freedom to make your trip as scheduled or unscheduled as possible. Whether it’s about taking five tours in a single day or sleeping in till noon, you can opt for it. What’s more, no one besides room service is going to wake you up.

When travelling alone, there’s no forcing you to do something you don’t wish to. You can visit places of your interest and can choose to be as adventurous as you desire to. Spend plenty of time at the major tourist attractions, or ditch the beaten path altogether.

We’re all aware that the travel bug can hit at any moment, and that giving in to it by travelling is its only cure. So, whenever wanderlust consumes you, travelling solo gives you the freedom to leave without considering anybody else’s convenience. You need to take into account your convenience.

Travelling solo makes you decisive and self-reliant because you’ll be making so many decisions alone. For instance, which air service to use, and where to have meals. So, this new-found self-confidence is sure to help you in the long run.

You can figure out your limits

When travelling alone, you’re bound to have new experiences requiring you to leave your comfort zone. For instance, you’d need to save yourself from going astray, to determine how to cope with being depleted of money, or survive a mountain peak alone. This way you’d realize your real strength as you won’t have any option other than being active.

On the other hand, when you’re travelling with others, you tend to stop trying or depend on them to resolve the issue. So, nothing compels you to quit your comfort zone.

Every trip has its imperfections; however, travelling solo teaches you to appreciate the deviations. This way, you boost your self-efficiency, which is vital for growth. Any unexpected change to your itinerary is an opportunity for adventure, making you manage unforeseen situations. Such experiences are some of life’s best teachings.

You get the chance to mingle with more locals  

While travelling alone, you get the opportunity to make plenty of meaningful fresh bonds. The reason is that you won’t indulge in talks with anybody familiar to you.

Starting conversations with locals coming from varied backgrounds extends our world and inspires us greatly. So, enjoy the new company while having meals and using public transport. A friendly and welcoming local could be the best guide on your trip in terms of the region’s cuisine, tourism hot spots as well as the danger zones.

get the chance to mingle with more locals

You may also bump into people who share similar passions with you, such as art or adventure. Either way, you’re sure to strike up new friendships on a solo trip and return with pleasant memories.

You can truly unwind and reflect

One of the best advantages of travelling solo is that you get a complete break from your day-to-day life. No answering office emails and no talking to people whom you otherwise run into daily. Simply enjoy the beauty of the new place as the mysterious tourist.

Besides unwinding to your heart’s content, you also get the chance to reflect more. Just sit silently by a lake and think deeply about your priorities and desires. You’ll experience a complete contrast to your daily life which you tend to fill with a lot of talking.

You can truly unwind and reflect

Reflecting in solitude gives you sufficient time for soul-searching or introspection. While you’re alone, you don’t need to put on an act for anybody else, making it easy to uncover your soul.

You grow fonder of friends and family

While travelling alone, you’re spending appreciable time away from friends and family. No doubt you get ample personal space during your trip. However, the absence of your near and dear ones makes you realize their true value, and you only grow fonder of them.

For instance, occasionally travelling separately from your spouse and pursuing your interests rejuvenates your bond. This way you don’t tend to suffocate each other.

Once you’re back home refreshed, you’ll have wonderful stories to narrate to your people. Let your buddies know how important they are to you by telling them how much you missed them. You could suggest travelling to the same place together.


While making a solo trip, you may realize that you’re a great company! You get ample freedom, the much-desired personal space, and a great opportunity to leave your comfort zone. You also make new friends and enjoy various activities together.

Travelling alone gives you the unique opportunity to introspect and do soul-searching. Last but not least, the absence of your folks makes you appreciate their worth and brings them closer to you than ever before. So, what’s holding you back? Pick up your scratch off map and head straight for your debut solo trip.

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