Simple Yet Sophisticated Home Decor Trends That One Must Try

There are thousands upon thousands of ideas found online to inspire you to redecorate your home’s interior, specifically your master bedroom. 

Perhaps you are aiming for a more sophisticated look and begin to gather ideas. One page of the results suggests adding paintings on your bare walls. Another page shows you putting plants in modern planters in the corners of your bedroom. Today, we will discuss a few simple ways to give your master bedroom a sophisticated look.

3D Wall Art

Are you standing there looking at your wall and wondering if you should paint it another colour? Try out this idea instead. Wood has always been a timeless piece of material used for centuries, and 3D wall art has been gaining in popularity. For the DIY’er in you, you can make a 3D wooden wall art to put in your master bedroom. To make, use plywood and 2 pieces of 2×6 wood to make small wooden blocks. 

Glue the wooden blocks with wood glue or something similar to the plywood. Arrange them as you like. Paint your new DIY 3D wooden wall art with a colour of your choice. Place your wooden wall art one of the significant walls of your bedroom.

Abstract Painting

Another idea to add sophistication to your master bedroom is by creating your own abstract painting. If you have paint leftover from other projects, all you’ll need is a blank canvas. You can purchase one at your local art supply store. Abstract painting is perfect for those who have never tried their hand out in painting before. The painting doesn’t have to resemble anything just let your creativity flow. To give it that sophisticated look, consider using a combination of blue, black, white, and grey colours. Then, place the painting above your headboard.

Simple Yet Sophisticated Home Decor Trends

Fabric Wall

Did you know you can upholster a wall? There are many types of fabrics with a limitless amount of designs for you to make your own fabric wall. For an 8 ft. x 12-14 ft. wall, you will need about 8 yards of 54-inch-wide fabric, a measuring tape, scissors, a pencil, a 4-foot level, a bottle of liquid starch, paint rollers, a paint tray, and a ladder. It may sound like there is a lot involved but it’s actually quite simple. You would measure the wall and create a starting point. 

Cut the fabric to size and glue the fabric to the wall using the liquid starch. The best part of this DIY project is that you can remove the fabric anytime without damaging the wall behind it, allowing you the flexibility to change and clean the fabric with ease.

Plants and Planters

Perhaps you’ve filled your walls with all the décor you want, and want to add an organic form of sophistication to the bedroom. Plants are not only great for looks but are also great in improving the air quality in a room. Consider placing Snake plants, Aloe Vera, or Spider plants around your master bedroom. As a tip, you can paint planters a black or grey colour to give it a modern sophisticated look. Snake plants (Sansevieria) are well-known for purifying the air. This plant absorbs toxins in their leaves and produces pure oxygen, making this plant ideal for the bedroom.

Home Automation

Your bedroom is a place where you recuperate your energy from the day’s activities. It is the specific room in your home where one goes to relax and rest. Adding home automation to your bedroom will definitely make things more convenient, allowing you to quickly wind down for the day. Perhaps you have arrived back home utterly exhausted. 

You’re so tired that you can’t even reach over to turn off the light next to your bed. Whether you have a king-size, queen-size, or a single bed, the master bedroom is your bedroom. It is the one room in the house that belongs to the owner of the home and you want to decorate it according to what you like.

A home automation device can turn that light off for you. You simply say a command and your home automation device will do the rest. You are probably thinking, “what does that have to do with decorating?” Adding a home automation device to your bedroom coincides with the sophisticated theme of your master bedroom. 

It supplements the décor by adding functionality. Imagine how convenient it is to walk into your bedroom and start dictating commands while you are changing your clothes. You can even set your device to automatically turn on your television to your favourite television show as you walk in. With a wide range of home automation devices available today, you can discreetly hide it anywhere in your bedroom.


As the saying goes, “less is more.” In line with staying in theme for a modern sophisticated master bedroom, do not feel obliged to fill in every space of your room. Most, if not all, sophisticated themed bedrooms support a minimalistic approach in design. There may be a couple of side tables, a bench at the foot of the bed, and perhaps a television affixed to one of the walls, but you won’t see a bedroom full of things. Keep things simple and minimal to avoid clutter. Give yourself more tranquillity. Go simple and add sophistication to your bedroom through functionality.

These are only to mention a few ways to add sophistication to your master bedroom. Whether you are creating art to place on the walls, making your walls into art, or placing plants in your room for better air quality, remember that simplicity is a form of sophistication.

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