5 Life Situations When You Simply Need a Lawyer

It is true that there are legal matters that require you to have an attorney present. A good example of this would be being issued a traffic ticket or going to small courts in order to resolve civil disputes.

That being said, there are instances and legal problems that call for a legal professional. An attorney can be of tremendous help and it pays to have a good one on your side.

The type of attorney you will need will depend on the type of legal matter, and you need to find the right one that will represent you and your case. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several life situations when you simply need a lawyer.

In many of the cases involving workplace disputes and employment issues, employees simply aren’t aware of their rights in the workplace. Sometimes, issues arise because companies fail to adhere to employment laws. Other times, employees will lose their job or fear losing it, while others may face forced resignation.

Should any workplace wrongdoing take place, your safest bet would be to hire an attorney specializing in employment law. They can go through your workplace agreement and employment contract and help you better understand your rights as an employee as well as assist you in resolving workplace disputes and wrongful dismissals. Your employer will most definitely be having strong legal representation, so you need to find someone reputable, too.

Estate planning

No one likes thinking about what will happen once they pass away. However, when it comes to protecting your belongings for the future, planning in advance can certainly be a wise move.

This is where estate planning comes into play. You see, all the wealth and assets you’ve accumulated over the course of life will have to go to someone eventually. Therefore, protecting your belongings from getting in the hands of individuals you don’t want them to go to is essential.

In that case, a good local lawyer can be a great way to ensure the proper distribution of your assets. By assisting in the process of preparing legally binding will and testamentary trusts, the experienced estate planning lawyer will ensure your wishes are fulfilled and that your family’s future is secured.

Getting a divorce

There are couples who manage to get out of their marriage upon mutual agreement and stay on good terms afterward. However, more often than not, divorces will not go as smoothly, especially those involving issues surrounding property, debt, investments, and child custody. In that case, dealing with divorce will take much more than finding a way to channel all that stress in a healthy way.

Going through a complex divorce will require you to find reliable legal representation. A good family lawyer will help familiarize you with the terms of the divorce as well as provide you with different options you have. They’ll also give you legal advice that will prevent you from making costly mistakes, thus making the process more bearable for everyone involved. If you’re going through a divorce during a pregnancy, you’d want to seek advice from Konicek Law in Orlando.

A car accident

Car accidents are quite common, with bad weather, distracted driving, and breaking the speed limits being some of the leading causes. Sometimes, drivers will end up in car accidents that aren’t their fault. In that case, their first reaction would be to call the police and then an auto accident attorney.

This is a situation where you may get taken advantage of, especially when it comes to insurance companies who don’t always seem to have individuals’ best interests in mind.

Always let your lawyer speak to the other party’s insurance company without disclosing any facts yourself, and only talk to the police and the doctors if you get injured in the car accident.

Driving under influence

DUI or driving under influence is seen as a serious offence, and facing such criminal charges can be quite scary, especially if you aren’t aware of your rights. Guilty or not, you should hire an attorney immediately to help protect your rights.

For first time-offenders, hiring an attorney could help reduce your charges to a fine. In contrast, showing up to the court without one increases the likelihood of you getting charged with a crime.

Wrapping up

No one likes finding themselves in a sticky situation. However, when things get tough in life and you need to settle a dispute, deal, or challenge, it pays to have the right lawyer on your side to help you out.

Whether it’s a divorce, DIU, or estate planning, getting advice from a reputable and experienced attorney can be of immense help as it’ll aid you in resolving the issues and securing the best possible outcome to a situation at hand.

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