Beware of Calls Starting With +92

A lot of people have been receiving calls and messages on WhatsApp from numbers that start with +92. This number is a country code of Pakistan.

Many cybercrime experts have warned users against responding to calls or messages from such international numbers on WhatsApp. Here are some reasons you should beware of these calls:

1. The caller’s identity is unknown

Many callers use fake IDs to hide their identity, making it hard for you to know who’s calling. While this may be annoying, it’s also dangerous and can lead to a loss of money or personal information. Fortunately, there are ways to find out the caller’s name. These methods include third-party apps, call trace services, and options from your carrier.

Using these services will help you avoid calls and messages from scammers. You can also run a number through BeenVerified to verify its authenticity and find out whether it’s a registered business or person. In addition, you should register your phone number with the national Do Not Call Registry to stop unwanted calls.

2. The caller with +92 is asking for personal information

Many scammers use a variety of tactics to trick unsuspecting people into divulging personal information. Some may claim to be from a bank, cell phone provider, or other legitimate organization. Others will spoof the caller ID to make the number look like it is coming from a local business or even your child’s school. To verify the identity of a suspicious caller, you can use apps such as Truecaller and spam number identification software. However, these services can’t reveal numbers that are hidden by caller ID blocking.

Moreover, calls from +92 code numbers are international premium rate numbers (IPRN). This means that calling at these numbers will cost the caller much more than a normal call. The revenue generated by these calls is shared between the telecom operator and the premium rate service providers. These numbers are also not covered by any consumer protection laws. Hence, it is safest to avoid such calls. In addition, you should never give out personal information in response to unexpected calls/texts.

3. The caller is asking for money

BSNL and other service providers have issued customer alerts in the past against missed calls from numbers that start with +92, which indicates that the call is coming from Pakistan. The calls are fraudulent, aiming to steal money from the victims and then vanish without leaving any trace behind.

These international premium rate numbers, also known as IPRN, charge callers at higher rates than normal tariffs. This revenue is shared between telecom operators and the number owners.

It’s important to be a vigilant user and not share any personal information over the phone, even to friends and family. It’s also best to register your phone number with the national “Do Not Call” registry. Using spam number identification software such as Truecaller or downloading other apps that can identify and block suspicious numbers can also help protect you from scammers. Be wary of calls and messages that promise free prizes, as these are usually a scam.

4. The caller is asking for an OTP

OTPs are a common security measure for everything from activating bank cards to resetting passwords. They’re easy for customers to generate and difficult for bad actors to backtrack or crack.

Scammers are using WhatsApp to trick people into revealing their money and banking details. They lure their victims with offers of free iPhones and other Apple products, which can then be fraudulently debited from the victim’s account.

Many of these calls start with +92, which is the country code for Pakistan. However, the calls are actually coming from trunk numbers that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Moreover, the calls are charged at premium rates. It’s also impossible to trace the country of origin of these calls, since attackers use various masking techniques. The result is that these calls are difficult to detect and can lead to financial loss for the victims. It’s best to avoid these calls at all costs.

FAQs on Country Code 92

1. Whose country code is 92


2. 92 code for which country

92 code is of Pakistan country

3. International area code 92

+92 country code is for Pakistan

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