5 Life-Changing Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

With the fact that most Americans have too much stuff for their own good, it is popular for people to buy or rent homes with a lot of space or storage. Unfortunately, purchasing a home with a lot of space can be expensive, especially as the average home price in America has been rising. As a result, most people often settle for a smaller place as it makes more sense financially. 

However, this fact doesn’t mean you are doomed to live in clutter for your entire lives. There are some great ways to design your small spaces in ways that can improve storage or make them look a lot bigger. With that in mind, this article is going to look at 5 life-changing interior design ideas for the small spaces in your home

Use Mirrors

While mirrors sometimes get a bad rap from certain designers, they are incredibly important in small places. It is a classic trick that is used to make smaller rooms or areas appear much larger. They can visually extend a room, and not make small rooms look so stuffy. Mirrors give additional light diffusion, as well, so they can make an area look brighter. 

There are literally hundreds of different mirror designs and sizes, so you are sure to be able to find something that works for your room. Not only that, but most mirrors are quite affordable and can be easy to move around. 

Think of Creative Ways to Add Storage

Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

In small spaces, finding extra storage space is paramount. If you don’t find additional ways to store things, your home could be a disaster with things thrown away everywhere. Thankfully, there are several ways to add storage. You can add built-in options, purchase space-saving shelves or even add some cabinets. If you want some help on choosing which cabinets will work best, check out some RTA cabinet reviews

In addition to adding cabinets or built-in fixtures, you can also use storage furniture. Ottomans, storage benches or even under-bed storage can be very helpful. While adding storage may cost you a little, it’s definitely cheaper than moving to a new house or apartment to get more space for storage. 

Don’t Forget About Vertical Spaces

Vertical Spaces

When most of us think about design and storage, we think about using our square footage. However, often people forget about the potential of the walls of their home. You can add shelves, can hang pots and pans and do dozens of other things with your walls. Even something as simple as stacking a washer and dryer can save a lot of space. 

Of course, be sure to be careful with this tip. The last thing you want to do is overload your walls with a ton of items, as it can actually make your small space look smaller. You want your walls to have a function, but also look good. Also, ensure your walls are sturdy and strong if you want to hang things.

Utilize Corner Space

When most people are designing homes or thinking about what to do with their space, they often forget about the corners. However, if your space is already small as it is, you cannot forget to utilize your corners. Corners can be perfect for small tables, furniture, artwork and more. Generally, it is a good idea to use verticality here as well, to get the most out of your corners.

Also, when choosing items or furniture to put in the corners of your room, consider using fairly light colors. This will help ensure that the room still feels light and airy, and not closed in or cornered off. Without using the corners of your already-small home, it will only look smaller.

Have Small Furniture

If you have a small space, it only makes sense to outfit the space with relatively small furniture. Sure, big couches or large tables might look luxurious, but they aren’t always a good fit in your home. If you use them in small spaces, you won’t have very much space for anything else. 

Of course, if your furniture is dual-purpose (such as a storage bed or storage bench), it is okay for it to be a little bit larger. The point is, no room should be overloaded with large furniture that doesn’t fit, as it can make it look cluttered and limit your storage possibilities. 

We hope that this article has been able to help you take advantage of the small spaces in your home and make them really shine.

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