Lush Home: Add an Urban Modern Twist to Your Interior Design Style

One interior design style that is becoming prominent among modern-day city dwellers is urban modern. A blend of different styles, it mixes elements of contemporary and minimalist styles with urban, and industrial influences, blurring the lines between them and adding subtle elements to soften the otherwise edgy look.

With its main focus on comfort and aesthetics, this design style is the perfect choice for today’s modern urban dwellers as it can help them create their own oasis of peace in even the busiest of cities. Let’s take a look at the list of five tips on implementing this interior design style into your living space.

Use a neutral color palette 

neutral color palette

Urban modern homes are usually decorated using a neutral color palette. Whites, grays, browns, and even blacks are a staple in many homes situated in metropolitan areas, and for good reason. Neutral colors bring a sense of calmness and balance into the living space, which is exactly what urban modern style is all about.

Peaceful, serene spaces spruced up with everyday objects will give a charm to your living space, creating an appealing lived-in look. Restrict your color scheme to only a couple of similar shades to design a space that will be the perfect representative of minimalist style. Avoid using bright, vibrant hues, as they can throw off the industrial, urban vibe you’re trying to create. 

Decorate with simplicity in mind 

Decorate with simplicity in mind

The urban modern design style is characterized by scarcity of decor as well as simplicity, the two elements that are characteristic of minimal style.

When choosing decor pieces for your interior, it’s best to think of how less is often more, which is especially useful if you’re short on space. What’s so great about simple decor is that it gives the other elements the chance to shine instead of drawing all the attention to itself.

Display those decor pieces that are both beautiful and functional to maximize the use of your living space. A couple of potted plants will add charm to your home and make it feel more inviting, while artwork hung on the wall will add personality to the mix while enhancing the visual interest of your living space. 

Include soft furnishings simple in design 

soft furnishings simple in design

There’s a reason why you won’t ever find bulky, bold furniture in modern urban spaces. Loud patterns, busy prints, and oversized pieces of furniture create both visual and physical clutter, which is not what you should be aiming for when designing a home in this urban modern style.

Instead, opt for soft and comfortable furnishings that have clean lines, interesting shapes, and are simple in design. A nice, cozy sofa will provide your living room with enough seating options, while a cool egg chair will help transform your living space into a pleasant indoor retreat that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day at work.

Enrich your space with a variety of textures

Enrich your space with a variety of textures

Varying the textures goes a long way in creating spaces that are warm and welcoming. What texture does is it gives our brain the chance to not only see but also feel the space. Texture can come in handy when you’re decorating with a monochromatic color scheme in mind.

Otherwise, seemingly boring spaces are easily transformed with the addition of fluffy pillows, jute rugs, and a knit blanket thrown over the sofa or bed. With proper use of a variety of textures, you can help enhance the visual interest of your living space, adding visual weight to your interior.

Use statement art

Use statement art

Urban modern designs call for all of your art to be put up for everyone to see. Forget about plain, white walls and think of a statement gallery wall (if you ever wanted one, then this is your best chance to have it).

So, cover one of the walls with pictures and show off your taste and personality, because nothing says more about a person than his or her taste in art. Keep in mind that not all statement art has to be fine art. You can make a statement accent out of any décor piece in the room.

Some homeowners do this by using decorative curtains. You can find interesting, custom-made curtains that can make any room come to life with just a bit of color and pattern, so why not try it?

Create a sense of continuity in your interior

Create a sense of continuity in your interior

Creating a sense of cohesiveness in your living space is the key to designing urban modern spaces. One of the best ways to create consistency in your home is to paint your walls in similar shades.

Using similar colors throughout your home will ensure your rooms flow nicely without them feeling like disjointed fragments. Choose one main color and then a couple of similar shades that you’ll use in your interior.

Doing so will create a common foundation between the rooms, tying everything together into a big, cohesive luxurious whole. 

There you have it – five design tips that will help create an urban modern space. Use them as a guide for transforming your living space and designing your own oasis in the city.

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