6 Ways Mobile Learning is Paving the Way for Future Education

I still remember the time when I got my first mobile phone. I was still in school. And even though my parents gave the device to me, I used to get scolding from them if they found me using it while working on my assignments. And the funny thing is – it wasn’t even a smartphone. I am sure all my peers have faced such a situation at least once during their school days.

It has been more than 10 years. And in these 10 years, mobile devices have evolved rather magnificently. Now, you can not only make calls or send text messages but do all the things that a computer is capable of doing. In fact, students can now learn their lessons on mobile using several applications. That leads to the question – Is mobile learning the future of education?

Perhaps, acknowledging a few things about mobile learning can provide us with some insight into the matter.

1.      Mobile learning comes with unmatched flexibility:

Mobile learning is usually offered by cloud-based applications and OTT platforms, which can be remotely accessed from any part of the world and any time you want. As you may realize, the traditional learning system does not provide such flexibility. In fact, mobile learning can be carried out as per the requirement of the student. Since the student has the luxury to learn at his/her own speed, it has the potential to drive better results.

2.      Increasing the accessibility of mobile keeps you connected:

More than 4.5 billion people use mobile phones in today’s date. And the numbers are only going upwards. What’s more interesting is that 90% of the millennials always keep their smartphone with them. Moreover, they prefer to access the internet on their smartphones instead of the computer. So, it is more convenient for the students to access learning materials on their phone using the online platforms. And is increasingly connected with the phone is only going to work in favor of the user.

3.      Mobile learning provides access to vast learning opportunities:

Unlike traditional learning means, mobile learning offers you complete access to all the lesson there is to learn. So, it is up to the student where they want to stop in terms of learning a certain lesson. If a student is interested in learning about the theory of relativity, he won’t have to wait till college to learn it from his textbook. With mobile learning, there is no limit to learning. In fact, students can learn whatever they want, however they want.

4.      Students can go back to where they left the lesson with mobile learning:

In the traditional learning system, it is not possible to go back in time and attend the same lecture because you missed something for the first time. However, in mobile learning, you will have the option to rewind the lecture and repeat it as many times as you want. Also, if you have something to attend in between a lecture, you can always come back to where you left off. This feature of mobile learning makes education seamless for students.

5.      Mobile learning facilitates microlearning:

With mobile learning, students will have the option to learn in bits and pieces. This form of education, which is known as microlearning, is effective for knowledge retention. And experts suggest that students are more likely to remember their lessons if they learn it in bits instead of large chunks. Mobile learning will let you decide how much of the lesson you need for the day. The personalization of learning material can certainly help students get the best out of their education.

6.      Overcome resistance with mobile learning:

Traditional classrooms have their own set of challenges. Whether it is limited availability of study material or inconvenience during bad weather, mobile learning does not have such shortcomings. You can not only access your lessons remotely from any place but also set the length of your lessons. Moreover, some mobile learning platforms even gamify the lessons, making it more engaging for the students.


It’s been quite some time since the concept of e-learning has taken the world by storm with its potential application in the education system. And mobile learning happens to be a small part of the entire process. However, mobile learning can unlock a whole new world of opportunities for the learners as it can not only make learning more fun and convenient, but also gives the learners the option to learn on the go.

So coming back to the question – Is mobile learning the future of education? I think you already know the answer.

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