4 Influential Trends Fueling Dental Implants Market Forecast

Growing prevalence of periodontal diseases, tooth decay and dental caries globally are anticipated to propel dental implants market outlook in the forthcoming years. This can be largely attributed to the increased consumption of unhealthy foods and other unhealthy consumption habits.

Growing consumer preference towards painless dental surgeries and advances in dental implant technology will boost business growth.

The dental clinic segment in the dental implants industry will witness robust demand over the forecast timeline. The increasing number of patients are preferring dental clinics for dental treatments as they are easily accessible and offer cost-effective options. Listed below are a few prominent trends favoring dental implants market forecast over 2019-2025.

Expanding geriatric population base

Dental disorders are one of the most prevalent health conditions in children and geriatric people. A booming population coupled with an upsurge in the global geriatric population will further accelerate the adoption of dental implants. Growing dental patient base along with the rising prevalence of oral health problems in developing nations will foster dental implants industry scope.

There has been a considerable rise in occurrences of periodontal diseases, tooth decay and dental caries in the past few years. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 84.6% of children aged 2-17 years, approximately 64.4% of adults aged 18-64 years, and around 64.3% adults over the age of 65 underwent dental caries treatment during 2016 in the U.S.

Ongoing technological innovations

Constant R&D efforts and investments have resulted in a number of significant advancements in the design of dental implants. Utilization of beam 3D imaging for accurate dental imaging during dental procedures and developments in prosthetics to achieve proper fixation of dental implants are a few examples.

The field has also observed substantial technological advances in the design of tapered implants to achieve promising surgical outcomes. Adoption of CAD and CAM dentistry along with other advanced technologies to ensure accurate implant fixation and provide primary stability, maximum bone maintenance, and soft tissue attachment is augmenting the business growth.

Demand for metal-free dental implants

Growing consumer preference for cosmetic dentistry along with rising inclination towards metal-free implants is expected to drive the product demand in the coming years. Dental implants made from non-metals such as zirconium are gaining immense traction on account of excellent anti-corrosive nature which makes it suitable for aesthetic oral procedures.

Zirconium dental implants industry share will record a healthy CAGR of 5.4% during the projected timeframe. Zirconium dental implants are known to boost osseointegration and the use of zirconium facilitates in the preservation of bones over a longer duration. The meteoric rise of the global cosmetic industry along with the aforementioned advantages presented by zirconium dental implants will open up ample opportunities for manufacturers.

The rising number of dental clinics in India

Robust demand for cosmetic dentistry in the Asia Pacific, particularly in India, is anticipated to positively contribute towards boosting the regional demand. Mounting oral health concerns along with rising awareness pertaining to maintenance of dental hygiene has encouraged a large number of dentists to set up dental clinics in the country. India held over 12% revenue share of Asia Pacific dental implants market size in 2018.

The Indian Dental Association had launched an initiative, called the National Oral Health Program (NOHP), to address the growing occurrence of oral diseases. In addition to this, the rapid development of dental clinics to offer additional services such as restorative dentistry will bolster dental implants industry trends across APAC.

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