Basic 5 Things You Should Know Before Opting For Dental Implants

Many people opt for dental implants nowadays, as dental implants, look like real teeth. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed into the jaw so that the artificial teeth so placed is held properly. Made from titanium metal, they serve as roots for the teeth that have been replaced. Dental implants are a better replacement for removable dentures that were previously used and were of great discomfort to the patients.

The titanium metal that is used is the reason behind the successful long-lasting implant as it is capable of fusing or the technical term for which is, “Osseo integrated”, with the living bone. A realistic-looking dental crown is then used to topple the implant. Thanks to technology, there are now at least forty different categories of dental implants to choose from.

The 5 basic things to remember before opting for dental implants:

  1. Fruitful success rate: The success lies in the fact that the whole procedure employs very fewer complications and so the dental implant is overall a fruitful process and hence so many people are opting for it in the recent years. But the success rate highly depends on the specialist employed for the implantation. A dental specialist is the most trustworthy person for this case, as per a 2014 survey. Generally, the success rate is 95%.
  • The naturality: The implanted teeth so placed, looks totally natural as the denture implants are customizable and hence look and feel besides fitting like a natural tooth. It seems like cloning of the missing tooth, but an experienced specialist is required for the procedure, to yield a successful result. Also, the crowning that follows needs special cure and care, so as to look completely indistinguishable from the real teeth.
  • Hassle-free eating: As natural as it looks, the eating habits stay natural too after the procedure as the denture implants need no special cure after the treatment, without making the chewing and eating uncomfortable or painful, unlike in traditional implantation. Also, the force with which the biting is applied remains exactly the same to that of the natural teeth.
  • Perfect root replacement: A denture implantation is a perfect replacement for the root of a missing tooth or teeth because it focuses primarily on fixing the parts that are hidden of the root. The fusing of the artificial roots in the jaws helps in holding the teeth in place. The implants so placed are done in such a way that they make a contact with the bones, After some time, tissues grow, creating a natural link between the metal and the bone.
  • Protection of healthy teeth by implants: As in dental bridging, the adjacent parts of a healthy tooth is generally cut, technology brought denture implants to prevent the suffering of other teeth because of one tooth. Hence, now, a crown or a bridge can be positioned, and this ensures reconstruction of the mouth in a very healthy manner, providing a base to the jawbone, in order to support any affixed dental prosthesis.

The osteopathic property so employed, (Osteo-bone, Philip-loving) was discovered on an accidental note by a Swedish surgeon or orthopedy in 1952. After much research and testing, the dental implants were first popularized from the 1970s, when people finally started to rely upon the new technique. It has the highest success rate among any other tooth replacement option and is even potential in areas of low bone density. Integrated and functional dental implants are an aid for a lifetime. However, as any surgery carries with it expected risks, it is advisable to consult a dental specialist, before undergoing implantation.

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