Home Safety Tips: 5 Ways to Secure Your Front Door

A front door is an entrance to your home – a place where you find solace and should feel safe at all times. So, it’s important to use the best ways to secure your front doors and prevent any unwanted entry or break-ins.

However, this is something that includes more than being cautious who you give access to your home and there are many things to consider to secure your doors. Here are some home safety tips that will point you in the right direction and help you figure out what to do.

1.    Use solid core door

Use solid core door

Everyone can tell you that a great looking door will do a lot for exterior design and curb appeal of your home. But when choosing the front door, you should also look for the ones that are sturdy and impossible to break down. An aesthetically pleasing door can also be as an entrance to the fortress if you choose a solid core and make sure that hinges are properly installed. A longer strike plate made of stronger metal will prevent damage from brute force attack while longer screws will give more strength to withstand kicking and ramming.

2.    Add a security screen door

security screen door

A security screen door is stylish and at the same time makes breaking in quite a hassle for eager burglars. Choose the ones made of cast iron with ornamentation so it will aesthetically improve your entrance and not disturb the already established curb appeal.

The security screen also allows you to open the door and have a barrier between you and the visitor before you establish their intentions. This type of protection can go anywhere, even on the windows and it has its lock so your front door will not be as easy to access.  

3.    Protect the glass

Home Safety Tips

If you have glass by the door, use metal bars or mesh to cover it. That way, you will eliminate an access point to an intruder who can break the glass and use their hand to unlock the door. Just make sure that openings on the mesh or distances between the bars are small so a hand can’t squeeze through. On the other hand, you can install a security film on your door’s windows to safeguard and the best thing is you can do it yourself. 

4.    Consult with a locksmith

Whenever there is something that involves the locks, call reliable locksmith services. High-security locks offer a wide range of protection and need an expert to install it. An experienced locksmith will recommend appropriate lock and additional measures to gain the utmost home security. The most important issue is that deadbolt can withstand a certain amount of force to prevent unauthorized access. It all depends on the type of metal that is used and the way of manufacture, which is something you can discuss with your locksmith.

5.    Install a door camera

Install a door camera

A door camera is a bit more expensive but a very effective way to know who is roaming around your front door. It can be part of your door intercom so that you can see who is ringing the doorbell on a small screen before you let them in.

A peephole is most commonly used to see who is at the door, but it has a limited viewing angle and you can easily miss something. But pairing up a camera with a peephole will give you more visibility and keep you safe from potential dangers.


Home safety is an important issue that any person should consider no matter if you own or rent a property. The front door is one of the most commonly used means to break into someone’s home so protecting it is essential. Always consult experts like locksmiths on how to make your home safer and your doors more secure from burglars.

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