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It’s been a pretty long time when Zotac step up their game by introducing the Zotac MEK1 gaming PC on the market. Today I am about to share with you exactly what the gaming PC offers including the specs, features and the whole design in detail. So without taking it further I would like to bring up one of the best gaming pc reviews to let you know what the Zotac MEK1 PC offers for you.

Zotac Mek1 Review


Starting from the exterior of the PC, the exterior is made from the plastic, there are two LED strips which are controlled by spectra app, which switch the lights between static, strobe, breathing and cycling lighting modes. This PC can be fitted on any desk as it is 16.5 x 16.3 x 4.7-inch and doesn’t take much room and for a gaming system, it is very compact.

However, the compactness of the system has compromised the internal system and it can be seen that everything is jumbled up from the inside hence repairing and replacing any of the components will prove tricky. The sides are provided with vents and fans to keep the system cool.

Design specifications:

Price $1,599.99
CPU Intel Core i7-7700
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (8GB)
Storage 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD
Size 16.5 x 4.7 x 16.3 inches, 15.9 pounds

Zotac can be held vertically as well as horizontally, it weighs so less that we can easily carry it around. The design is not very eye catchy and it may look a bit cheap from the outside in the first glance but the LED lights give the impression of a gaming system. Also, it has a nice fancy looking black graphics card which gives a good idea that it has great graphics.


It has plenty of connectivity, it has two wifiantennas for proper WIFI signals.

On the front, behind a sliding door, you’ll find two USB 3.0 ports, and headphone, microphone jacks, and power button.

On the back, you may find  USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, dual Ethernet jacks, optical audio, PS/2 ports for legacy accessories and HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI to connect monitors. Hence it has enough ports to full fill the requirement.


Upgrading Zotac MEk1

Upgrading Zotac MEk1 is a difficult thing to do as the hardware is clearly designed especially for its specifications. Memory, storage and the graphics card can be easily upgraded but apart from that, the CPU cooler inside it is made especially for its i7-7700 CPU. GPU is Zotac’s own card which can be replaced but you can’t go beyond the power requirement. This is perhaps the only verdict and biggest disadvantage of Zotac MKE1.


The GPU gets a little hotter under load condition upto over 82-degreesCelcius but the CPU remains under temperature levels that are up to 78-degree Celcius.

This PC is far from being irritating and annoying, the sound levels are quite acceptable.

Gaming performance:

The rise of tomb rider:

Works on   Average FPS High Minimum FPS high Average FPS very high Minimum FPS very high
1080p 120 89 105 87
1440p 81 75 68 54
2160p 45 36 33 29

Works best on 1080p

Far cry 5:                                

Works on   Average FPS High Minimum FPS high Average FPS very high Minimum FPS very high
1080p 103 86 94 78
1440p 96 80 85 71
2160p 54 49 49 36

Works best on 1080 p

Tom Clancy’s ghost recon wildlands:

Works on   Average FPS High Minimum FPS high Average FPS very high Minimum FPS very high
1080p 80 73 71 63
1440p 65 85 51 26
2160p 36 33 32 16

Works best on 1080 p


It is a small PC and can be easily carried anywhere, the price is reasonable, the design is not extraordinary but also acceptable but in the end, it all comes to personal taste, the bad side of it is that it can’t easily be upgraded but it is highly recommended if one is looking for something to game on .


  1. Highly Portable.
  2. Thinner than many other gaming PCs.
  3. Budget friendly.
  4. Not noisy at all.


  1. Hard to upgrade.

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