Why Companies Should Install GPS Fleet Trackers

Before the Global Positioning System or GPS, drivers had a hard time navigating new territory. But with the significant advancement of GPS technology, drivers who are new to an area can quickly determine the most comfortable and most efficient route to get to where they need to be. 

Company owners who have GPS in their vehicles know the value of this technology based on their personal experience. However, company owners should be made aware of the many other benefits of GPS fleet tracking that their businesses can get. 

GPS Fleet Trackinghas enabled companies to monitor the locations of company-owned vehicles in real-time. This has also allowed company drivers to get data on the most efficient and cost-effective route to take to save up on fuel costs. However, GPS fleet tracking does not only give accurate directions to drivers. The data obtained by GPS systems also allow companies to analyze the following:

Customer Clusters

Historical data gathered from the fleet tracking system will allow the company to find out where their customers are located from delivery point data. They could analyze this data to determine areas where most of their customers are located. Once this data is known, companies can now allocate more resources to areas with high customer concentration. Likewise, GPS historical data will also reveal areas with no deliveries. This data will then be beneficial to the company so that they can also focus their resources on those areas to build up their customer base. 

Delivery Trends

Historic GPS data will also give you insights on peak and slow delivery periods. Companies can determine which months of the year they have the highest number of deliveries and slow months. This data will allow companies to anticipate and prepare for the influx of customers and adjust their delivery schedules for better customer service. 

Driver Habits

GPS fleet tracking not only allows companies to locate where their vehicles are quickly but also determine how their drivers are driving their cars. Some GPS Fleet trackers can analyze driver behaviors, such as speeding and being heavy-footed on the accelerator. GPS fleet trackers can determine aggressive drivers that put their lives and your products at risk. 

Company owners can also determine which drivers are taking unnecessary detours and wasting time by analyzing GPS historical data. There are also features of GPS trackers that also accurately monitor fuel consumption against mileage. Companies can quickly determine if drivers are pilfering fuel from vehicle gas tanks.  

With GPS data, company owners can immediately call drivers who are aggressive on the road or are stealing company resources. Drivers whose attentions were drawn cannot deny the accusations since these accusations are backed up by accurately obtained data. 

Driver Safety

GPS Fleet trackers also come with DVR cameras that help protect the driver in case of road crashes. DVR cameras can assist investigators in determining at-fault parties during car crashes. DVR cameras are also helpful in filing insurance claims to cover any damages during accidents. 

To sum it up, the above benefits of GPS fleet tracking should be enough for business organizations to have the system installed to their fleet of vehicles.

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