What It’s Like To Be A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Now a days on various OTT platforms, sitcom, movies etc. are made on lawyers which are very interesting to watch. Some may even get inspire to become a criminal defense lawyer. However, in real life becoming a criminal defense lawyer has its own merits and demerits and it is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the person because one mistake at his end can cost them the lives of their clients.

Merits of being a criminal defense lawyer

  • If you are in the field of legal services just for the sake of money, then this one of the biggest advantage for you. By becoming a criminal defense lawyer you make a lot of money where you start with a 6 figure income and can increase it over the years as your experience and knowledge increases.
  • Being criminal defense lawyer means you never stop studying and learning, with every new case and every new client comes new situations. This requires you to go through the various book of laws, read through the constitutional protocols..  Even though the case may be similar to the ones you have handled in the past but you still will learn something new from the different circumstances presented to you.
  • If you have choose  to criminal defense lawyer to save the innocent and bring justice and believe in the legal system you can climb the ladder and opt for becoming a judge of the court of law and if you want to be a lawyer who is in it for money and justice then if you want you can opt for a job in any law firm too.

Some of the demerits of becoming a criminal defense lawyer

  • It is a challenging job and those who love to spend time studying solving criminal cases should take it as profession. Being a lawyer comes with the unsaid fact of working round the clock and most probably 365 days a year.This is because you and the client want the case to be solved as soon as possible without any mistakes. It makes you to be on your toes searching for provisions under law, strategizing, scrutinizing evidences. When looking for any mistakes or blunders made by the opposite party.This will be the case even if you are working for a private law firm too.
  • Bring a criminal defense lawyer needs dedication to your work. More expertise you are in solving criminal cases the maximum job you have in hand. Being a professional the job should not dishearten you and grab the best opportunity to be an expert and popular as a lawyer.
  • Clients are mostly tensed and stressed after they are undergoing through the trials for any kind of court cases. This is the reason a lawyer should also have the ability to consult and handle the emotions of their client. Though clients are paying for your job not emotional support.
  • A criminal defense lawyer will also through a lot of emotional roller coaster because of the kind of cases and situations presented to you. Some cases may even shake you to the core and question your own self, some cases will be very complicated where you are absolutely unsure of what will be the outcome, some clients may even make you think if they are telling you the correct information etc. this can cause a lot of mental and psychological disturbance.


If you are someone looking to be become a criminal defense lawyer, we hope that we have shed enough light and this article helps you in making an informed decision.

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