What is Paypal 4029357733, and Why is it on my bank statement?

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One of the most popular online payment websites globally is Paypal. It’s an online portal through which you can receive or send money to friends and family, and merchants as well. It’s a secure and safe way to transfer money wirelessly. The signing up process is also free and user friendly. 

However, certain technical glitches do appear from time to time. One of the most common ones is the appearance of the number 402-935-7733 in one’s credit card statement. Seeing an unknown number can be worrying, given the multitude of scams that occur every day. However, don’t be alarmed as the answer is straightforward. Just read on to know. 

Why does the number 402-935-7733 appear on my credit card statement?

Whenever you make a transaction through Paypal, that transaction is shown in your credit card or bank statement as – PayPal 4029357733. This number is the PayPal customer service number, and it appears when the merchant you’ve paid to uses PayPal as their card processor. It also appears as “4029357733 ca“, since the PayPal headquarters are located in California.

It can often be difficult to remember since the name of the seller is not mentioned. Often, the name is mentioned in an abbreviated form. It can also be entirely different because several times, the name of the account owner is indicated. The reason as to why this number appears is simply because the merchant uses Paypal as their middleman to collect money from buyers.

Is it legitimate or a scam?

As elaborated earlier, it is legitimate since it is the PayPal customer service number. It often appears as “Paypal 4029357733”, and it merely indicates that the merchant has used PayPal as their payment processor. However, it may not always be that way. If you have doubts, go through your PayPal history to check your transactions. You can even contact your bank or Paypal for more details.

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