How to pay on Amazon through Paypal?

If you’re a regular Amazon user, the chances are that you’re aware of the fact that one cannot use Paypal on Amazon. Now, this can come as a shock because Paypal is one of the most significant online payment systems in the world. 

Logically, it would only make sense for Paypal and Amazon to collaborate. But there is a conflict of interest that prevents it from happening so. It comes from the fact that Amazon itself has its payment service called Amazon Pay. PayPal had also been with eBay, a well known Amazon competitor, till it’s closing, which is another reason Amazon doesn’t collaborate with it.

Although one cannot use PayPal directly to pay on Amazon, there is a way you can still make use of your Paypal balance to purchase goods from Amazon. You can simply buy an Amazon gift card with PayPal. Read on to know-how. 

Steps to buy Amazon gift card using Paypal

  1. Go to a third-party retailer site and look for an Amazon gift card with your desired denomination. Before you purchase, carefully check the credentials of the website. You can also refer to online articles or lists to ensure the website is valid.
  2. Now, go to the Amazon website. You can use your PayPal Amazon gift card either at check out or by adding it to your pay balance.

Using the gift card at checkout

  • Log in to your Amazon account and place the items you want in your cart.
  • Head to checkout and fill in your details. 
  • When selecting a payment method, choose the option of “Enter a card or promotional offer.”
  • Put in the details of your Amazon gift card to PayPal.

Adding Amazon gift card Paypal to your Amazon Balance 

  • Go to Amazon and log in.
  • Under “Account and lists,” choose the “Account.” option.
  • Click on the “Gift Card” tab.
  • Choose the “Redeem a gift card” option.
  • Put in the claim code of your gift card, located on the back of the card.

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