What are common foot injuries? What is the process of compensation claim?

The structure of the human foot is very complicated. The human foot consists of several small and large bones with several joints and tendons and ligaments. All of these bones and muscles work together to provide us mobility, balance, and support.

When you suffer from a foot injury in an accident, you can claim compensation. You can only claim compensation if you are innocent and someone else’s fault causes the accident.

Sometimes, foot injuries cause severe pain and lack of mobility. The recovery time depends on the severity of the injury. It might take weeks to several months to heal properly.

What are the common foot injuries?

Foot injuries can be of different types. As you know, foot consists of many bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Any of the components can get damaged in an accident. Some common foot injuries are:

Ankle Sprain and Strain

Ankle injuries are also associated with the foot. An unbalanced surface can cause sprain or strain. An ankle sprain usually occurs in an accident at work or due to a slip or trip. There are a variety of ankle injuries that can occur in a crash.

As you know, a lot of bone covers the area of the ankle with the help of ligaments; any injury to this component can cause ankle pain and reduce your motion for a specific time.

Ankle fracture

There are four types of fractures. An open fracture, closed fracture, non-displaced fracture, and displaced fracture.

Non-displaced fracture – In this fracture, bones get fractured but never moves out from the skin or skin isn’t damaged in this condition.

Displaced fracture – In this fracture, after the breakage of bone, it gets moved to its position.

Open fracture – In an open fracture, a broken bone can tear the surface of the skin.

Closed fracture – In a closed fracture, the surface of the skin never get damaged due to the broken bone.

All these types of fracture are different from each other and require different treatment.

Broken Foot

We use feet in most of the activities. If during an accident, a severe injury occurs to foot, such as putting pressure on a single bone break the bone and makes you disable. There are 26 bones in the foot which can be damaged.

Accidents that can lead to foot injuries

Various types of accidents can damage your feet. Some of the accidents include:

Accident at work

Employees are at higher risk of foot injuries. In companies, where you lift heavy objects manually, the risk of getting a foot injury is high. Maintenance also requires proper safety equipment to maintain the safety of the workers.
It is the responsibility of the employer to provide their staff with a secure and safe environment. For this, they can provide their workers with a safety kit. In which they have to use shoes and gloves to ensure that their body parts are safe.

Road accident

Road accidents can also cause foot injuries. Especially, if you are a biker, the chances are high that after the collision you may damage your feet along with legs. You need to wear the rider kit to enhance safety.

Falling from height

Falling from height can also damage the feet. We have seen that falling from a reasonable height can even tear the bone of the legs into pieces. You need to use proper equipment while climbing on the rooftop or ladders.

Seek medical attention

After the accident, your priority should seek medical treatment. As you know, delay in the procedure can put your life in danger. First, the general physician will perform a complete checkup. After that, according to the condition, he may refer to other doctors in a different department.

The doctors will perform different tests like X-rays test, and MRI scans. Any damage to the bones or in ligaments can be shown in these tests. These tests are required to find the optimum treatment according to the health condition.

Seek the help of the solicitor

After the treatment, you need to seek the help of the solicitor to register your claim against the liable party. For this, you can consult with a personal injury solicitor and discuss your situation with them. AS you know, the case depends on the evidence and eyewitness. Personal injury solicitor can collect evidence from the accident scene.

Now you have to calculate your damage. Personal injury solicitor can help you to calculate your damage due to the accident. In this, you can calculate the body damage along with travel expense, hospital and medication charges, social devalues, and economic loss.

Personal injury solicitor can send them legal notice if the opponent part doesn’t accept their fault. If they agree that their negligence caused the accident, then the matter will sort out through settlement talks.

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