Life-Saving tips to Avoid Oral Cancer For Life

Today, the number of mouth cancer or oral cancer cases are increasing at a good pace. The biggest risk of oral cancer is Pan Masala, Tobacco and Gutka, which are being constantly consumed by most of the individuals around us. Alcohol consumption is also a risk factor of Oral Cancer.

The oral cancer cells can develop into any part of the mouth. As per the stats of Oral Cancer in India, it is one of the most frequent types of cancer and is mostly diagnosed in men. It is been recorded that 11.28% is oral cancer out of all cancer types in men.

According to the Globocan Data, only 30% of the people survive out of all who were diagnosed with Oral Cancer in a year. One of the major reason behind this is late diagnoses.

There are only 30% chances to save a person suffering from advanced oral cancer compared to that of 80% of the initial stage. So, always go for regular health checkups to diagnose cancer at the initial stage.

Here, in this article, we are going to make you aware with some of the tips to avoid oral cancer for life with the help of best oral cancer doctor in jaipur as prevention is always better than a cure.

Eat a diet full of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Your diet should be full of fruits and vegetables in order to get a complete set of nutrients. If there is a lack of nutrition in your diet, it will directly affect the condition of your mouth. So, consume a balanced diet for the healthy state of the mouth. Carrots, Brussels sprouts, and squash are known for maintaining a healthy state of mouth.

Use Sunscreen

The long-term exposure to the sunlight is found to be harmful to the body. It is one of the leading cause of Oral/ Mouth Cancer. Therefore, it is always recommended to cover the uncovered parts while moving out under the sun. Also, one should use sunscreens to prevent the damage of cells by UV Rays. Lip Balm for lips is necessary.

Beware of HPV

Beware of HPV

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of those viri whose presence is harmful to you as it can take you to cancer. So, if you are not a sexually active person, then take the vaccination for HPV and if you are a sexually active person, then you should avoid multiple sex partners and take necessary protections.

Say No to Alcohol

Say No to Alcohol

If are willing to keep the danger of cancer away from you, then maintain a good distance from alcohol. Having three to four drinks daily can impose a great risk of Oral Cancer. Hence, pay a limitation on your alcohol consumption and if you have completely banned it from your life then nothing can be better than that.

Pay Visits to Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

The regular dental health checkup is quite necessary for the good health of the mouth. The dentists or we can say the dental checkups can help you in diagnosing cancer at the initial stage. Thus, pay a visit to the dental clinic on regular basis.

Quit Smoking

As we have already mentioned that behind 80% of the oral cancer cases, the reason which we have found is Tobacco consumption. By the trend itself, you would have got an idea that the smoking habit can impose a great risk of Oral Cancer on you.

So, quit smoking now. Note that if you have a habit of both drinking and smoking, then you are at a higher risk of oral cancer.

Avoid Chewing Gums

Avoid Chewing Gums

Chewing gums are strictly prohibited when it comes to Oral Cancer. The continues chewing of gums can lead to gum cancer. So, beware of this.

Say No to Betel Quid

Betel Quid

Betel Quid is popularly known as Paan in India and when tobacco is added with this betel quid, it gets into a form called Gutka. So, the regular consumption of Betel Quid or Gutka can raise the possibility of developing oral cancer.

Stay Away from Second Hand Smoke

Second-hand smoking is known as passive smoking. So, look to stay away from the people when they are smoking. Doctors are always seen suggesting that higher you stay in the range of passive smoking, higher is the possibility of getting caught by oral cancer. Therefore, stay away from those who smoke.

Brushing and Flossing are Beneficial

It is suggested by the dentists to brush twice in a day and floss at least once a week. So, do as prescribed to maintain active mouth health.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Body weight doesn’t make any direct influence on the state of your mouth but it causes a number of problems which indirectly affects the condition of the mouth. Therefore, maintain healthy body weight. Exercises can help you in maintaining healthy body weight.

Hence, these were the few life-saving tips to avoid oral cancer for life and if you are in habit of any of these, then leave them immediately and go for a medical check-up.

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