Wedding Photographer: Better Shots or Videos? Our 4 Tips

A photo not taken is a memory that is not there! Remember to remember, said an old Kodak advertisement when still photography was tied to the film. Those who want to photograph an important event to remember forever, even in the digital age can do without transferring the images in the dear old photo album, to browse a thousand times with family and friends, even after many years.

No event better than the wedding party lends itself to this operation: whether it is a single group photo, or whether it is a real dossier, the wedding day will not be a day worthy of being remembered without a good number of shots. But what to choose between the traditional photo album and video footage, maybe even from above? Here are four useful tips to decide how to capture the wedding day.


# 1 Photo album or video? Rate the type of ceremony first

It will seem strange, but even before a wedding photographer, one of the factors influencing the choice between photo albums and filming is the type of wedding ceremony.

The photo shoot done by a professional, in fact, is linked to the production of a quantity of overabundant material compared to amateur photos taken by a relative or a friend: this in order to make a selection of the best shots, for quality, aesthetics, and expression, to be preserved for the future as a souvenir.

We are sure that a bride would never want to settle for the only photo taken by her cousin in which appears disheveled or with his mouth wide open or the only video shot in which no one had noticed that the veil was finished in the cake!

If it is a ceremony with a few guests, simple and fast, the times will be more abbreviated: free way to the videos, therefore, with the possibility of repeating the scene if necessary a couple of times.

From video cameras, thanks to digital, you can get the most fun frames to print and keep in an album or frame. In the case of a longer ceremony, with many guests, an interminable lunch or dinner and dancing party, the best photographs will be: a professional wedding photographer will be able to set up an impeccable set for group photos, with the ability to repeat the shots, without missing anyone. In the same way it will immortalize the most beautiful moments of the party choosing well what and when to frame.


# 2 Even the location plays its part: yes to the video if the setting is spectacular, but not in church

wedding photographer Even the location where the first part of the wedding is celebrated is important in the choice between photographs or videos: if the environment is suggestive, well decorated, with lots of friends and relatives the photos will be welcome; in the case of a limited number of guests, the classic group photo in front of the church is considered very chic, even in black and white.

Another great effect is the video taken from above “bird’s eye” made with a drone, piloted by a licensed professional, particularly recommended when there is a beautiful street floor surrounded by greenery and a discreet crowd of guests around to the bride.

Remember that the video shootings are quite difficult in the church because you cannot move freely: you know that the camera is a more dynamic tool than the camera. Yes to the videos taken in the open air then, but for the interior better the dear old photograph directed on the couple who smile and say yes.

# 3 If you have chosen the video and are in budget, yes to the pre-wedding story

Wedding Photographer

Above all in the South, where the wedding ceremony is a cult, the ever more accentuated tendency is to take back the scenes of a hypothetical “first meeting” between future spouses, realizing a real video story to watch then at home with friends.

The pre-wedding story requires a script, a location and costumes, usually proposed by the wedding planner in collaboration with the photographer. The only protagonists are the engaged couples who tell their first meeting in this way, naturally without any comparison with reality, but only for aesthetic purposes.

Turn a pre-wedding video it can be a lot of fun but also challenging: you need a full day of filming and a series of high-level video photographic equipment, some assistants and lots of patience.

Everything takes place exactly like on a film set but without permission to shoot. So be careful not to venture into filming off limits violating private property or damaging monuments. The spouses, you know, are willing to do anything!

# 4 Wedding photographer, before the engagement program the times carefully (also for the videos taken)

The planning of the photo shoot or wedding video shoot should be done very carefully: if you are a bride or a novice wedding planner following these tips you will be able to evaluate whether to choose one or the other. Or if you combine the two solutions (also considering the budget available).

Once the choice has been planned, you will be able to consult several wedding photographers, for a rough estimate of the costs that usually include the editing of the video with the soundtrack and special effects or the creation of a complete photo album in one or more copies. Someone also pays homage to the bride and groom of a poster or special photo to be framed.

Very important, before choosing the photographer from the best photography services in Dubai, is to establish the duration of the commitment in terms of schedules and put everything on the contract of engagement.

In fact, there are those who decide to be filmed or photographed from the moment they are prepared and those who are satisfied with the ceremony until the cake is cut and the guests are greeted.

The costs must, therefore, be based on the working time, the type of filming and the final product requested. You have no idea where to look for a wedding photographer in your area or are you confused by so many details? Keep in mind your budget and your wishes, contact different professionals and ask them all the questions you want. Together, or with the help of a wedding planner, you can find the perfect solution.

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