The Basic Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid for your Brand

Landing pages, also known as “lead customer capture pages,” in an SEO Company are an integral part of your marketing strategy, and your visitors can become customers even further. SEO Company have created a new landing page for each marketing campaign. Here are some of the reasons why landing pages are important to your marketing strategy.

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Error #1: Too much text

One of the most important design factors for a successful landing page is its simplicity. This is also one of the most error-prone mistakes because it’s hard not to add more awesome selling points to your business or product.

Error #2: No unique sales proposition (USP) or value proposition

The first thing a visitor to your page should see is the most valuable point of sale you have. You also want to make this point of sale unique to your business so you can communicate quickly and strongly to make your business or product stand out from your competitors.

Whether your USP is for your product, the promotions you offer (the value of the dollar is high) or the great statistics in your business depend on you and your testing process.

People sometimes confuse USP and CTA. When your CTA translates your interest in USP into the action you want, your USP should be your primary and unique selling point.


Error #3: No image

For best results, make sure your landing page contains at least one image.

Image needs to:

  • Communicate your content
  • Attract attention
  • Easily flow with the page
  • Stand out, not too strong contrast
  • To encourage participation, this is evocative

The important thing is that you can make your landing page simple and straightforward with very little text. The right image can convey ideas or lead specific responses among visitors to your landing page.

5 landing page image ideas:

  • A smiling woman pointing or looking at your USP
  • An image of fireworks or something similar that makes your USP an exciting announcement
  • A video of your CEO or marketing executive will open a 30 second to 2 minute video to introduce your product or business
  • Abstract but attractive colors, a mix of words and shapes
  • Screenshot of your product image or online tool showing its actual effect

Error #4: Poor action

There are three variables in your CTA that can make it worse. Fix these errors and you will affect the most influential conversion improver variable.

1. No one saw it:

I have written a thousand articles about making your CTA stand out. This means comparing the color of the button to the landing page. It also means that it is big and bold and eye-catching. If this is not part of your creative process, then I rarely have time to accompany you.

2. It is in the wrong place:

In addition to comparing the color of the CTA button, it is also important to place the CTA in a visible position. This means at the viewer’s direct line of sight.

I often see the amateur landing page with the CTA button at the bottom. After they read all the selling points about my products, their creators fell into the trap of “I will put the call to the bottom.”

3. You tell others what to do, not what they get:

You can think of CTA as a button for people to click, not just an integral part of the sales process itself.

The landing page is a dance and your CTA leads. If the CTA is too aggressive or demanding, they will step on the toes of your page visitors and they will find a new partner. Sell ​​your CTA where you will sell the action.

Error #5: No clear list of benefits

Some potential customers will convert based on their current interests, campaigns or leads, your first USP or your value proposition. These are great, but some people need to be more convincing. Not too much, but a little more.

Whenever SEO Company provide suggestions for landing page creation, I always recommend that the person sit down before starting and write four to five USPs for their landing page.

Error #6: No trust symbol or customer recommendation

Trust symbols and customer recommendations can be run in a similar manner. If you’re using Facebook ads or collecting traffic from social media sites, you’re talking to a potential customer who cares about social endorsements – so the power of customer referrals. Any details of implementing a trust token, money back guarantee or promised collection will not be sold, which is a welcome thing for your landing page visitors. They like to know that they are working with a trusted company rather than being exploited.

Conclusion You should now have a solid foundation in landing page errors that you need to avoid. Remember to optimize as much as possible, then continue testing to find the best performing CTA, image, text, value proposition and page format. Never stop optimizing!

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