Ultimate Guide For a Perfect Smile

In today’s world, it is important to be confident with your physical appearance. Your perfect smile with white and strong teeth can give a powerful first impression whether it’s a date or a job interview.  A confident healthy smile can help you break the ice and create warmth with people.

The truth is that most of us don’t have a perfect smile and in reality, this is how people look only in movies. However if you have crooked teeth, cracks or improper shape of your teeth, dentistry has changed and has become more affordable for everyone.

Tooth whitening

The first thing you can change in order to improve your smile is the color of your teeth. There are many tooth whitening products out there and it all depends on your budget. If you want to see improvement immediately you should try laser whitening, because one appointment is often necessary.

Some techniques require you to wear a gum shield every evening and to have several visits to your dentist and basically it’s all up to you. Another way to whiten your teeth is to wear porcelain veneers that is often more expensive than other techniques.

This technique is also effective in hiding some other problems like gaps, crooked teeth and chips because veneers will cover these and you will have an impression of whiter and healthier teeth.


If you think your gums are too big or your teeth are too long and overall you want your smile adjusted then maybe you should try braces. When people hear braces they tend to think about those train wreck ones, but today there are a thing of the past. Today we have the so-called lifestyle-friendly braces.


These include invisible braces, tooth-colored braces, and removable braces. Also, there are short period braces that are worn for shorter periods of time than the conventional ones. In the end, you don’t feel self-conscious in front of people meaning that you forget that you’re even wearing them.


Tooth decay, weak teeth, damaged fillings are a common problem that sometimes most of us have to deal with. Don’t worry because crowns can fix most of it. Crowns are implants made of porcelain bonded to gold alloy, ceramic, glass and the most recent long lasting zirconia crowns.  In order for crowns to be made it used to take two or three weeks.

Today’s 3D computer technology and new materials, allow dentists to make a crown on the spot.


Are you sick and tired of having a missing tooth that has a bad impact on your confidence and overall has made you smile less?  Don’t get discouraged, because there are ways that you can easily fix this.


The best choice is tooth implants. First, the depth of your bone is measured then a titanium screw is inserted over which tissue and bone start to grow. Later on, a crown is attached to the screw. Due to 3D computer technology, this process has become faster and less painful. CT scanners are used to scan your jaw in order to determine the number and placement of implants.


If you have speech problems or proper bite problems due to missing teeth and overall want to enhance your appearance then maybe you should try bridges. Also, if you can’t afford implants or don’t have enough bone in your jaw, this can be a good solution.

Enamel is removed from the neighboring teeth (also known as adjacent teeth) and solid porcelain combined with the precious metal false tooth is placed between them. This can last from ten to fifteen years.

Black triangle teeth

Almost everyone has once suffered from black triangles at the base of our lower teeth that is caused by receding gums.

The best way to deal with this is better dental hygiene. Dentists always recommend proper brushing and cleaning between teeth with interdental brushes. Regular scale and polish and deep cleaning, if you have deep spaces between teeth, can help slow down receding gum disease.

If you have a more serious case of black triangle teeth, gum grafting is advised. This is done by taking tissue from another place in your mouth and inserting it on the affected area in order to cover the root exposed by receding gums. This will stop the further recession and definitely improve your appearance.

Chipped and broken teeth

Sometimes we bite on something hard or have some sort of accident that results in broken or chipped teeth. This can definitely have a bad impact on your ego and appearance. Don’t get depressed about it, because all you need to do is see a dentist as soon as possible. Minor injuries like chips are treated with filling or bonding.

This is a tooth-colored composite that is shaped to look like a real tooth and is attached to the damaged area. This is ideal for chipped front teeth. In more serious situations, for example, if a large part of your tooth has broken off, crowns and tooth-shaped caps are used.

Whitening toothpaste

This is one thing anyone can do and afford. Go to the local shop and buy a brand that you like. These products contain special chemicals and abrasives that remove surface stains. If you decide to undertake a professional lightening treatment, make sure you brush with whitening toothpaste because they can maintain results.


Teeth aren’t the only thing that makes you smile perfect. Lips are also an important element in your everyday appearance. Luckily, lips don’t require expensive treatments or products. The most important thing you should do for your lips is to stay hydrated and avoid licking them.

If you have chapped lips use a good lip balm and exfoliate when you feel it’s necessary. Also, it is best that you avoid smoking. If you can’t get rid of chapped lips then you should probably buy an indoor humidifier that will add moisture to dry indoor air and keep your lips hydrated.

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