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It is said that we all have a child in us that comes out whenever needed. In the faster running digital world, we are all running a rat race to achieve the unknown.

Sometimes we get tired of this rat race and we go for seclusion. Some of us take solace in our childhood memories. Today, most of us are the 80s and 90s kids and our childhood consists of many beautiful things.

The comic books were the best of them. Many of us are still fans of Manga comics and we can be found reading Manga online in our leisure time. There is no age bar for reading Manga as their graphical content caters to all ages.

What is Manga Comics

For those of you who are yet to understand what is a Manga, we would be delighted to expose this beautiful creation to you. Manga is a comical and graphical novel that originated in Japan. Their genre consists of a vast variety like, fiction, horror, romance, history, comedy, and many more resulting in a fan base of all ages.

For the record, the first manga comic was published in the year 1874 and since then Manga has acquired fans from all over the world. But, today, there is a dearth of Manga Comic sites that provides originally translated Manga script and most of the sites are fake and fan-made.

So here, we shall provide a list of a few authentic Manga sites which are reliable and will keep you updated about all the incoming stuff. You can go through these websites and can again plunge into your carefree childhood that had no boundaries. Let your thoughts have wings that soar high up the sky touching the impossible.

Trending and legal Manga Sites :


The website ranking of this site says that it is the most favorable choice for Manga fans. This domain is also the official digital bookstore of Kadokawa and this website is for the worldwide Manga series fans.  There are no subscription fees for this site and this portal is also accessible by the ios and android users.

Comic Walker

Comic Walker is another free site where you can read Manga online and this site can be accessed worldwide. This site has a special feature of having a calendar subhead which will always keep updating you on the release dates of the upcoming Mangas.  All the popular Mangas can be found and read here in your favorite language.

Manga Panda

This online platform has a green theme and has an advanced search option. This search option helps the readers to read Manga online. The best thing about Manga Panda is that you won’t have to create any sort of account or sign in to access the content.


Comixology is a subsidiary of the brand Amazon and this site is designed to help the genuine readers read Manga Online. This website owns the biggest collection of digital comics. You can either buy or read Manga comics online or you can have access to the unlimited platform by opting for their subscription service. Also, this website provides a free one-month trial before subscribing to this service.

Apart from these four, there are many other genuine sites where you can read Manga online and enliven your childhood. For it is said that never let the child in you die and never stop believing.

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