Family Road Trips: What to Look For in a Great Towable RV

Many people are surprised to learn that RVs have been around for over 100 years ago. Using a towable RV is a great opportunity for a family road trip, but not everybody understands how to make the best decision from the available RV options.

If you’re in the market for a towable RV, there are several factors to consider when making your purchase. Here’s what to look for.


The size of the towable RV determines the amount of living space, storage space, and towing capacity.

Buy an RV that suits your needs and has available towing power for stress-free operations. In general, larger RVs are usually heavier and require a bigger tow vehicle.

Make sure that your vehicle is up to the challenge.


Make sure you understand the weight of the RV and the towing capacity of your vehicle. The weight of the RV determines its stability and how much cargo you can carry. Ensure proper weight distribution for a safe and comfortable trip. Otherwise, you may encounter issues in the future.

Layout and Design

Choose an RV layout and design that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

For example, the traditional fifth-wheel RV has a large living area and bedroom while the pop-up RV offers smaller, more compact spaces. This is an important factor when deciding between different RV models.

To help find the best layout for you, consider the number of people in your party, how much time you’ll be spending inside, and if you plan on towing any other cargo.

Build Quality

Vehicle For a Road Trip

Towable RVs must be capable of withstanding the elements of the road.

The Towable RV should be built sturdily with high-quality materials like fiberglass, aluminum frames, or wood frames. This will go a long way in ensuring your safety while you’re out on the open road.

Although it might be more expensive to purchase an RV with high build quality, it is always worth the money. You simply should never take the risk of using a cheaper, less safe vehicle.

Comfortable Sleeping Spaces

Comfortable sleeping spaces with ample room to stretch and relax are essential. Check for quality mattresses and other sleeping essentials based on your travel size and the number of people.

It’s always best to test a few beds before making a decision, as well. When in doubt, it’s best to get more sleeping space than you anticipated so that you can always have accommodation.

Any guests you have on board will be grateful that you did.

Kitchen Amenities

The kitchen is the heart of any RV. After all, it’s often where most of the camaraderie happens.

Check for appliances like a stove, refrigerator, and microwave, and counter space. Other amenities to look out for are kitchen cabinets and drawers, a sink, and counter stools. Depending on your personal taste, you may need to find an RV with modern kitchen hardware.

Bathroom Size and Amenities

A functional bathroom is essential for a comfortable journey. Make sure the Towable RV has a spacious and functional bathroom with all the necessary amenities like a shower, sink, toilet, and hot water.

Different RVs offer different bathroom sizes, so make sure to check for the one that fits your needs. It’s worth noting that some RVs may not include a bathroom in the base price, so factor that into your choice.

Air Conditioning

An RV with air conditioning provides relief from hot weather conditions and makes your trip more comfortable. This is especially important if you plan on taking your RV to areas with warm climates. Check for the type of air conditioning offered — some RVs may feature both AC and heating options.

So, you won’t have to worry about getting too cold during the later months of the year.

Entertainment Amenities

An RV with entertainment options like a TV or Bluetooth stereo system can be a nice added touch to enjoy during long road trips. Check the RV for additional entertainment options that it may have so that you can make the most out of your time.

It’s not uncommon for passengers to get a bit bored during long trips, especially if they are young.


Storage in an RV is something you can’t overlook.

There should be enough storage space for everything that you and your family need for the trip. More often than not, you’ll need to pack plenty of luggage to take with you on your journey. The last thing you want is to be short on storage.

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks fuel the RV’s appliances and need checking for the proper amount and the ease of refilling. The propane tank should be able to last through several days of use and refilling should be easy. You can check with the RV dealership or seller for more information on the propane tank.

Water Tanks

The RV’s freshwater tanks should be checked for storage, water quality, and ease of access. You should also check the tank’s capacity to make sure it can hold enough water for your trip. Water filters are always a good addition to make sure your drinking water is safe.

Electrical Systems

The electrical system provides power to various devices, including lighting, appliances, and heating systems.

Ensure its working condition before buying. Outdated systems should be upgraded before you hit the road. Check for any short circuits, faulty wiring, and other electrical issues. This will help you avoid complications in the future.

Future Resale Value

Future resale values differ by model, make, and features. Ensure to understand how much the RV will be worth when you sell it. Some of the most important factors that affect the RV’s resale value are its age, brand reputation, and maintenance history.

If you intend to keep the RV for a long time, the resale value won’t be a major concern. If you’re just looking for a short-term solution, it’s in your best interest to buy a vehicle you can easily resell.

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Types of RVs

Road Trip

There are many types of Towable RVs to choose from, and the best choice will depend on your specific needs. This will help ensure that you have the ideal experience when buying a Towable RV.

Let’s take a closer look.


These are full-service RVs that include living quarters with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping space all in one. They usually have their own engine and are great for long road trips.

They also come in different classes, like Class A and Class C. These refer to the size and weight of the motorhome.

Travel Trailers

These are ideal for those with a smaller budget or who want to save on gas costs. Travel trailers usually don’t have their own engine and need to be pulled by another vehicle.

They offer ample space and are easy to store when not in use, making them a great solution for those who want to occasionally enjoy their RV.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are similar to travel trailers but are attached to a tow vehicle via a special hitch in the bed of the truck. This allows for more room inside and better stability when traveling on the road.

Be sure to check the tow rating of your vehicle before buying a fifth wheel.

Toy Haulers

These RVs are perfect for those who want to transport recreational vehicles, such as ATVs or motorcycles, while they’re out on the road.

They typically feature living quarters as well as a storage area for these vehicles. In most cases, the storage area can be converted into a sleeping area when not in use.

Pop-up Campers

Pop-up campers are the most affordable option and are perfect for those who plan on spending just a few days at a time out on the road. These RVs consist of canvas sides that fold down when camping and pop up when you reach your destination.

As such, they lack many modern conveniences but can still be a great option for those on a budget.

Choose the Right Towable RV

It might seem difficult at first to find the perfect towable RV. However, with a little research, you can make an informed decision. Be sure to keep the above information in mind so that you can make the decision that’s best for you.

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