Top 8 Tools for Learning a New Language in 2021

It is always good to learn something new, especially when you’re working from home and have a freer schedule than usual. The pandemic has led to a lot of people learning new skills and getting into unique hobbies. This includes learning new languages whether for a specific purpose or just for your own interest. Learning a new language is one of the best things you can do, as it opens up both professional and recreational opportunities.  

The good news is that you don’t need any special courses or anything to learn. You just need a decent network connection like Spectrum internet prices, and an Android or iOS device. There are thousands of tools that can help you learn languages at every level. Whether you want to learn reading, writing, or speaking, you will find something for your needs. Here are a few of the best apps you’ll find for this purpose.   


This is one of the most well-known apps out there, especially due to its approach to reminders and daily lessons. It breaks down language learning into easily digestible lessons and divides topics according to categories like clothing and business. Furthermore, it has you revise your lessons in a gamified way, helping you retain information much more easily. Duolingo currently offers lessons in over 35 languages.  


Busuu is one of the most popular language-learning apps out there and has over 60 million users. It offers over a thousand lessons in various lessons, with dialogue, grammar, pronunciation, and writing exercises. It also shines in its specially designed travel courses, which prepare you for trips with the language basics you need to interact with locals. It offers around 12 languages, and teaches them comprehensively, so a subscription is well worth it.  


Sometimes, you may feel like you can’t learn a language in a silo. Tandem is a language exchange tool that connects you with native speakers of the language you want to learn. The point is for both users to benefit from each other’s native language skills and learn to communicate in another language. It has over 160 languages, and you just need to search the Tandem community to find the right learning partner for you.  


If you’re more of a bibliophile than a speaker, then Beeliinguapp is perfect for you! It helps you learn new languages through written text and audiobooks, with a wide range of stories. You can listen to and read a story at the same time, with both language versions on the same page. This is perfect if you love reading and absorb more information through text. It even offers a karaoke feature where you can play a book and read along to yourself. Currently, Beelinguapp has 13 languages, and constantly updates its content.  


Babbel lets you learn a new language with a variety of interactive courses which play out like real-life conversations. It breaks down these lessons into chunks of 10-15 minutes, with reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills developed. It offers 14 language options, from the beginner to the advanced level, and is quite user-friendly.   


This app takes a more straightforward approach towards language learning. It gives you a few keywords and phrases right off the bat to learn. This helps you prepare better for common conversations with native speakers. It even has a verb conjugation tool, dictionary, and voice recognition to help you pin down conversations yourself. Mondly has over 33 languages on offer and gives you a variety of daily lessons.  

Rosetta Stone 

This is arguably the most famous language app available in the market. It offers over 24 languages with daily lessons of just a few minutes each. It also lets you download material, so that you can continue your learning even if you’re offline.  


Drops is a truly unique language learning tool, with a gorgeous aesthetic and a laid-back manner. It presents its lessons as beautiful visuals, which actually make you feel like you’re enjoying a language rather than just learning it. In addition, it packs a lot of learning in 5 minutes without overburdening you, making it perfect for busy individuals.  

In conclusion, there are numerous language learning apps out there you can use to develop new skills. You just have to download them and take out a few minutes per day.   

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