Effective Ways to Stay Connected With Your Clients Virtually

As a businessman or company owner, you must have been aware of the importance of contacts. Building new contacts and stabling the existing ones is a key to success for every business. Your customers are not only the people who buy your services or products, they are advertisers in themselves as well. They will definitely discuss the quality of your products with others. They will also discuss your behavior with them.

Staying connected is the basic step to turn your customers into permanent clients. But to stay connected, you cannot always use greeting messages, calls, or visits. There must be some other ways by which you can contact them virtually without disturbing their routine.

There are various ways to remain connected with customers. If you don’t use them, you will definitely face a decline in the number of your customers, as they will look to buy the product from someone else. So you must use those methods by which you can stay connected with them effectively.

Following are some of the most effective ways by which you can stay connected with your clients without annoying them.


Empathy is the first tip to stay connected. No one will want to keep in contact with someone who is talking rudely. Everyone wants to receive love and respect. So apply this to your customers. Give them respect and love to stay connected with them.

Talk to them with good manners and send them greetings. Answering all inquiries in a proper and respectful manner will satisfy them and they will definitely buy from you for every next time. They will remain your permanent clients till you are dealing with them with empathy.

Virtual Meetups

Modern technology has produced a lot of comforts for you. You can contact someone present in any corner of the world, at any time with the help of this technology. The same thing can be done while connecting with your customers. You can arrange a meetup on the zoom app and invite your customers to join it. Answer the queries of customers in these meetups. Ask for their reviews and accept all types of reviews open-heartedly.

You can also arrange a coffee or drink meetup, in which everyone participates with a drink of his/her choice. You can also gather their suggestions during this meetup.

Live Streaming About Updates

You can also grow your connection stronger with your customers to keep them up to date about every happening in your company. Whenever you release something new, you can live stream it. Invite your customers to watch this streaming online to get knowledge about your new product.

A similar thing should be repeated while making some updates in a previously existing product. You can also tell about the changes you made in your terms and conditions.

Giveaways and Surveys

Giveaways are one of the most important things that can help you to stay connected with your customers. A giveaway might include anything, like chocolates, candies, keychains, etc. It might also include some products of your company. Giveaway of newly released products is the best option to introduce them in the market.

You can also arrange an online contest for this giveaway. Small contests will also help you to stay connected. Make sure that contest must be small and interesting with rewards for winners. It might also be a quiz about your company or traditional events.

Surveys will play the same effective role as any of the above things. By survey, you will know about the preferences of your customers.

So, above were the effective ways to remain in contact with your customers. This will greatly help to boost your sales. Another way to do so is using sales enablement tools. Not only it improves the chances of lead generation but also closes deals faster.

So, if you feel your salesforce needs some additional support, employ the aforementioned ways to stay connected with your clients and use a sales enablement tool, such as Content Camel, as well. Both these steps can greatly benefit your business.

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