How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes?

Thrifting is a new trend that many people are openly embracing. It means buying pre-used or second-hand clothes. This is a great way to get trendy and fashionable pieces at low prices and it is environmentally friendly as well. But a problem that is faced is that several of these clothes have security tags attached to them. They are what sets off store security alarms and they are also filled with ink, which spills if force is applied. If you want to know how to remove security tags with ink, read on for some easy tips 

How to Remove Security Tags From Clothes?

Check out these simple tricks which will help you take off security tags without ruining your clothes with ink. 

Tip 1: Use a rubber band

First, turn the security tag away from your cloth and put the broader side below, which contains the ink. Now take the narrow side and make sure that it is facing upwards. Then, take a thin elastic or rubber band and put it around the pin, or the part attached to the cloth. The rubber band will loosen the hold of the tag on the fabric, and when you pull the tab with your other hand simultaneously, it should come off. That’s how you can remove security tag with rubber bands.

Tip 2: Use pliers 

If you’re still confused about how to get off clothing security tag, you can try using pliers. Take two pliers and attach them to each end of the security tag. Then, slowly twist them simultaneously. Make sure you do it gently. Otherwise, you risk spilling ink. A few twists later, the tag should pop off.

Tip 3: Try burning it off

If none of the earlier methods have been useful or you don’t have the materials, and you are still lost about how to remove security tag from clothing, you can try burning them. Now, this is risky, so take precautions. Gently heat the conical end of the tag and let it burn. As it melts, take a knife or a hammer and pound the tab. This should loosen the tag, and soon it should fall to the ground.

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