Gantry Crane Types And Their Importance

Gantry cranes come in huge models they can lift tons of weight and are useful in many industries. They are used in place such as manufacturing units, construction sites and even in factories. Gantry cranes are best suited for places such as a factory, warehouse unit or construction site where lifting heavy objects is a regular thing.

You Can Hire Fixed Or Adjustable Gantry Cranes:

The gantry crane can be of typically fixed or adjustable height. Depending upon the type of application and their use they can be manufactured using either steel or aluminum.

  • It also contains wheels on the bottom to make it portable or moveable. Usually, the smallest version of gantry cranes is used in manufacturing jobs to move containers, larger components, and molds inside and outside of the location between workstations and assembly.
  •  The gantry crane is used to move bulky and heavy materials for long distances inside the working area in warehouses. Most gantry cranes can hold weight from four tons to eighty thousand pounds. They can be small as eight-foot or large as twenty-foot across.
  • Most gantry cranes have a working fixed height of ten feet however this crane can be adjustable from seven to sixteen feet. For offshore oil refineries the ship-to-shore gantry cranes arehighly useful. The structurally-designed machines help in loading and unloading things much easily.

Gantry Crane Types:

Rail Mounted

Rail-mounted gantry cranes are generally powered by steam or electricity; these type of Gantry cranes is generally required in steelyards and shipyards.

Fixed Height

Fixed height crane comes with a standard height and it cannot be adjusted. Fixed height cranes are usually used in factories. They are used to move around to lift various heavy products and objects.

Single Girder Gantry Crane

 The single girder gantry is used in small manufacturing units. This type of Gantry crane is smaller than usual and have wheels that can be fixed in various parts of a factory. This crane has a single beam across the top and it is best suited to relatively lighter loads up to 20 tonnes on tasks that don’t usually last longer than a few hours. Since the height can be adjusted, there is a need for a sturdy beam and hook. for the crane beam, there is a waterside span that is based on the size of one ship that also helps in large-scale transportation.

Single Girders are employed in lighter industries.

  • The capacity of up to 20 tonnes.
  • Spans up to 26 meters.
  • Internal or external bracing.
  • 4 Wheel Drive.
  • Onboard maintenance platform.
  • Pendant or radio control.
  • Cable reel or conductor rail power supply systems.

Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double girder gantry can lift a lot of heavier objects than single girder gantry. Anyone looking to lift, transport or crane significantly larger loads up to 100 tonnes at a time, then the double girder gantry crane is the best option. Maintained by two beams, the enhanced strength and stability of the double Girder gantry crane allows it to be used for tasks lasting eight hours or longer.

Double girders are utilized in heavier industries.

  • The capacity of up to 100 tonnes.
  • Spans up to 30 meters.
  • Internal or external bracing.
  • 4 Wheel Drive.
  • Girder walkway.
  • Trolley platform.
  • Pendant or radio control.
  • Cable reel or conductor rail power supply systems

While choosing a gantry crane, remember they can come in different types as per business requirements. Hire the gantry cranes from certified experts who give you the best cranes for transportation. The hook containers and spreaders must be arranged in perfect order to ensure that your crane is in perfect position.

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