Quick and easy tips to get nail polish off the carpet

One of the essentials to looking chic is having manicured nails. Beautiful nails can instantly switch up your outfit and makeup, and make your hands look gorgeous. But giving yourself a manicure isn’t always the easiest thing, and it can lead to accidents galore—the most common one being spilling nail polish on the carpet. If you’re looking for ways on how to remove nail polish from carpeting, check out these great tips mentioned down below. 

How do you get fingernail polish out of carpet?

This issue can be answered by either one of these great tips mentioned below.

Tip 1: Use a spoon

This may sound strange, but if the nail polish is freshly spilled, take a spoon and scoop out as much of the polish as you can. No matter what you do, don’t rub. It will instead cause the nail polish to spread. So in order to get nail polish off carpet, firstly, scoop it out with a spoon. 

Tip 2: Dab the area with a warm towel

Soak a handkerchief or the corner of a towel in warm water, and gently dab the area with the spilled nail polish with it. Once again, make sure you don’t rub the area otherwise, the polish will spread all over, and the problem will get worse. 

Tip 3: Put some Carpet cleaner

Another way to take nail polish out of carpet is by putting a few drops of carpet cleaner over the spilled nail polish, and gently dab the area with a rag. The cleaning agents in the carpet cleaner will remove the nail color off. 

Tip 4: Spritz some hairspray on it

If none of the above ways have worked, and you’re asking yourself, “How do I get nail polish out of carpet?”, try putting some hairspray on that place. Hairspray contains alcohol, which can dissolve the polish. Let it sit for a while and then gently dab it off.

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