Three Basic Car Repairs Every Car Owner/Driver Should Know

Imagine you have gone on a long drive with your family and suddenly your car breaks down. What if there is no car manufacturer or an automobile repair shop in your vicinity. So, how would you come back home?  Not that you need to be a car mechanic and repair your own car.

Obviously, you need the help of a professional service provider when things need professional assistance, but you should know the basics of car repairing. For example, one should know how to change a flat tire.

In fact, someone who owns a car must know the basics about car repair.   One must know about the basic tools and their functionalities that will help in their car’s repair. You can save both time and money by doing the tasks. Also, this will save the owner from expensive car repairs later.

Car Repair

If you don’t want to get trapped in the vicious cycle of car repair and parts replacement, it’s important that you must know in and out about the car and its parts. Car repairs are a costly affair, better to get acquainted rather paying later.  As you gain experience, many of those tasks you once thought was difficult would become easier. So, next time you take out your car from the garage, you must know the few basics of car repairs.

Here is what you should know:

Changing a Flat Tire

Yes, this is one of the most common problems for the drivers. All you need is a jack stand, spanner and a spare tire.   Soon after you lift the vehicle, make sure you remove the lug nuts and then the tire. Now, place the spare tire, fix the lug nuts. But here, make sure the lug nuts are tight.

Changing Oil

Checking the fluid level of the car is important. Fluids or oil are to cars what blood is for the human. So, it’s important to keep a check on the oil level and change it at regular intervals to keep your favorite vehicle moving. And changing oil is a DIY skill one should learn.

Learning this will save you from car repairs expenses. Beware: don’t change the oil when the engine is hot. Drain the old oil by removing the oil drain plug. 

Unscrew the old oil filter and remove the oil filler hole cap. Then, pour new oil using a funnel.

Followed by screwing the new oil filter properly.  You can learn this skill the next time you visit the gas station, or you can find videos online on how to change the oil.  And before you drive again, don’t forget to check the oil level with a dip-stick.

Car Repairs

Replacing Belts and Wipers

Your car has a drive or serpentine belt to keep the alternator running. These belts find use in operating of the water pump and steering. The belts do wear away and they need replacement. It is a simple task and you can do that by reading the car manual. You can also change the windshield wiper blades yourself.

Ideally, the wipers should be replaced every six months, more so, if your vehicle is continuously parked outside. First, you need to buy wiper blade refills. Then, remove the old wiper blades gently. Pull the wiper arm back from the glass. You can use a towel over to avoid the wiper arm snapping back against the glass. Lastly, slide the new wiper blade replacement into the same end you pulled from the old one.

Final Words

These are some very basic aspects of car repairs that you can try by yourself during an emergency. But it in case you encounter some serious issues with the car functionality like the problem in AC vent, exhausts or wheel alignment, you need to get professional help.

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