The Easiest Ways to Get Bandaid Residue Off Skin

Although bandaids keep our wounds clean and safe and are a handy tool for all, they also have their setbacks. One that everyone will know about is that sticky residue that they leave behind, once we take them off. While it does wash away with time, it isn’t so simple when we need to take off that ugly, black mark urgently. If you’re facing this problem and want to know how to get rid of bandaid marks, check out some great tips below. 

Tips on how to get bandaid residue off the skin

Use warm water

The first method that you should try is soaking the bandaid in warm water. You can even soak a washcloth or cotton pad in warm water and gently rub it on the area with the residue. The heat may help to remove the sticky substance left behind. This is a solution on how to remove the band-aid as well as the glue.

Use a cooling treatment

You can also try rubbing the area with a cube of ice. Gently massage the affected area in circles with the ice. This will loosen up the bandaid residue very quickly and help you get it off. 

Use an oil

Another tried and tested method to get not just bandaids, but any sticky substance off of a body part is by using a lubricant. You can use any oil available at hand. Pour a drop or two of oil on the area with the bandaid or bandaid residue and gently rub it in.

Use some petroleum jelly

If you don’t have any of these things at hand, here’s the easiest option available. Take out your chapstick or Vaseline and put a dollop of it on the affected area. Petroleum jelly is an excellent lubricant, and it is present in almost all moisturizing cosmetics like the ones mentioned above.

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