Substantial Warning Signs to Consider For Health Issues

A headache that will not go away, slurred speech, and a bad sore throat are all signs and symptoms of other health problems that exist in our bodies today. These signs can also be described as the body tell you that medical attention may be needed right away. Therefore, if you want to know if you are healthy or when other medical conditions exist, you need to know more about the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing.

Health Issues

Weight Loss Not Due to Dieting

Most people who are overweight are usually glad to hear that they are losing weight. Specifically, when they are visiting their physician because of a medical concern. However, if the weight loss is not due to a new diet plan or an extraneous exercise plan, a significant amount of weight loss is not always a good sign. For instance, if you have more than 20 pounds without changing your diet regimen, it may be due to several different medical conditions including stomach, lung or pancreatic cancer. Whatever the ailment or condition, you need to get checked out here right away.

Nagging Cough

It is not uncommon for you to cough out loud when you have a cold that bothers you. But, the type of symptoms that you experience when you are cough can make a big difference in your health and how quickly you will be able to get over these health problems. One of the most notable problems involves the nagging cough that will not disappear. Instead, you may find that it even gets worse over time and you have a difficult time shaking it. Unfortunately, the signs of a nagging cough could lead to a number of different health problems including allergic reactions, asthma, sinus problems, and other respiratory health issues.

Finger Nails and Skin Turn Blue

Paying close attention to your the color of your fingernail beds, your lips and your skin when they turn blue is essential to taking care of your health and knowing what to do. Because there are medical conditions that have been linked to these type of color changes, it is important that you know exactly what these changes actually mean. As far as these particular symptoms, these signs usually stem from a much bigger medical problem, including COPD that comes from lung disease. Therefore, you need to see help and medical treatment and therapy as soon as possible.


If you are experiencing any kind of numbness in the body, you should pay close attention to what your body is telling you. In some cases, numbness in certain parts of the body is a signal that something is going wrong. For instance, if you experiencing numbness in your legs, arms or your face, these systems may indicate that the following:

  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Lyme Disease
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Regardless of the cause, these signs should not be ignored but seen by a professional medical physician to be investigated right away.

Swelling in the feet and the Legs

Swelling in your feet and/or legs are signs of problems in the body that usually related to the build-up fluid. Though these symptoms may come from a wide varied of different health issues, they can lead to some severe medical conditions.

For instance, swollen feet and ankles are usually due to you suffering from poor circulation. Poor circulation can affect your heart in number ways including producing blood clots and weak vessels in the heart. So, you need to make sure you are addressing these concerns with a medical provider as soon as you see these problems occurring.

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