Role of Social Media in Strategizing Your Digital Marketing Activities

The influence of social media is almost everywhere. It is not just limited to finding your friends or classmates but a means of promoting their services and products. However, social media is quite a vast term associated with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more. 

As per the study conducted by SmartInsights, there are 3.4 billion people who are internet users and out of those, approximately 2.3 billions of them are active on social media sites. This comprises of 67% who gets online and uses social media, which is quite a huge percentage. 

Why Social Media Is Making Way For Business Promotion? 

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Do you know the influence of social media has led to an increase of 76% as compared to the last ten years when it was a mere 7% in the USA? This is due to the fact that people have now realized the accurate use of social media to build more customer base than they can never have by using traditional practices. Let us look down at some of the advantages which a social media platform possess:

  • Additional benefits of social media can prove to be advantageous such as providing customer service, shopping, and defining sales parameters.
  • Customers feel satisfied when a provider can be easily reached in case they come around any issue. Therefore, a good medium is when a company can be easily reachable 24×7. Since most of the customers are on social media, it is indeed an easily accessible communication channel.
  • Consumers these days look to buy from businesses which keeps their customers informed about their services or the newest trends. They feel comfortable when their buyers possess good social media presence and also like to know whether other consumers found great value in the products or services that buyers are dealing with.
  • Also, creating a business page or an account is quite convenient and free.

Ways in Which Social Media can be of Significance to Your Business Needs   

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There are a lot of ways that social media can be of significance to your business. It can help you to gain insights about knowing the customers that you are dealing with. Taking a close look and analyzing their needs in accordance to fulfill them is really a chance to grow your business. Given down below are some of the points where social media proves to be providing value to your business:

Brand Awareness

Building a brand is not a task of a day or two. Brand awareness is directly proportional to popularity or followers that you are gaining and social media can be the rightful platform to build on. Generating followers online is a great way to generate loyalty from their customers. 

Valuable Insights

With the help of social media, you can gain valuable insights about your customers. The things they like, what they don’t like and the things that they feel towards your brand are also crucial things to know.


A great way to promote awareness is through advertising. Social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook have become a hub of advertisements. LinkedIn is segmented towards location, job title, company, age and many more, while, Facebook is concerned towards advertisements characterized by location, demographics, connections, interests, etc. 

Directing Your Customers

Like, followers and shares quite affect the relevant search results of your website. However, if you want to reduce the painful task of organic search engine optimization, then social media is a great way to direct your customers to your business website. Social media can act as an indirect medium to enhance your search your results such as if your content has higher shares, likes and redirecting to a particularly good source, then it is bound to appear higher in search results. For instance, My Assignment Services which is the largest academic assistance provider company is enhancing their brand with the help of ‘assignment help’ and other relevant keywords. 

Analyze Your Competitors

The platform of social media can prove to be quite advantageous to look into your competitors and how they are interacting with their customers as well as what their consumers say about their brand. By analyzing their practices, you can gain key insights in planning your large scale business strategy.

Without any doubt, incorporating the social media platform should be the primary task of any company’s digital strategy. You can use it to reach a large segment user base and interact with them. Also, you can get useful information about your competitors and how strategies they are leveraging in order to build their brand. Such is the impact of social media in building your business. There can be no other reasons why a business shouldn’t have its social media presence in today’s world.

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