Everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkins- The Best Combination of Comfort and Dryness During Your Periods

The days of periods are difficult for women around the world. They struggle to find comfort, feels the period cramps, manage the leakage issues and do a lot of things to deal with these 5 days of the menstruation cycle which bother them a lot. 

In addition to this, some women even face issues with wearing the pads as they are pretty irritable at times and can also cause rashes and other kinds of infections due to long hours of wearing them. 

Thus, in no way out, the hustles of a woman lessen during the periods and she has to bear this all her life till menopause! But how come reducing this struggle to an extent where periods do not seem too uncomfortable? 

Instead, women feel free and confident enough to travel, run, jump, and do whatever they like these days. Well, this is exactly what Everteen looks up to providing relief and comfort to females during their menstruation days. Want to know how? Keep reading then….

Cotton Sanitary Napkins

With the Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins, you are entitled to receive 100% satisfaction and comfort during your periods….

There may be many other sanitary napkin brands making business in the market but our cotton pads stand out in the crowd because these are not only designed to absorb the menstrual blood but to also provide comfort and relaxation to the user. 

When you wear the cotton pads by Everteen, you must be sure that all the uneasiness of being in the wet pads or feeling discomfort wearing them for long hours is well taken care of by Everteen! 

These pads have a superabsorbent formula that keeps them dry and fresh. Also, the pads are made in a way that it does not promote any kind of bacterial growth which eliminates the foul odor associated with the menstrual blood. 

The broader length and sidewise protection enable you to run, jump and do your daily duties with ease. Aren’t these awesome reasons to trust the Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins?

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Having periods every month which extends from 5-7 days is a natural phenomenon that every woman has to go through in her life. Only during the pregnancy period and the times before the onset of menstruation and after menopause, do the periods don’t show up. 

But apart from these times, every normal woman has to deal with this phenomenon every month without having much to do about it. 

Some women suffer major period cramps which leads to mood swings and other irritations during the time while some women experience heavy flow during the initial days which also makes it very uncomfortable for them to perform the everyday tasks of life. 

That is why, keeping in mind all these issues of women, the Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins are made so that women find comfort and relaxation during their menses no matter what the condition is! So, the next time you feel like burying your head during periods, try these pads to keep yourself out of the discomfort.

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