How To Grow Your Business via Social Media

It is extremely important for every business to make its potential audience aware of the services that they offer. This process of letting people know about your brand can be done in multiple ways through digital media. Social media is one very important aspect where a brand can directly reach out to its audience.

It is considered to be one of the best platforms to give every first-hand information to followers of the brand. Yet each day there are several new businesses that start with social media. 

Social media is a no brainer when it comes to market your business in this era. Your customers are already there so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be. But what most people forget is, even though your customers are present on social media, your competitors are present too.

To make sure that business is in a growing phase, business owners must know about a few hacks. In this article, you will get to know about some of these amazing social media growth hacks that every business must try.

4-1-1 technique

Even if you have recently started working upon social media for your business, best way to become prominent is to attract influencers. Find influencers that are relevant to your business. Doing so will attract more relevant people to your page.

Use the 4-1-1 technique for social media. This is a technique which involves uploading four social media content that is focused upon highly related influencers of your niche. After this, you can post one content that is informative and educational and another one post that is related to sales and promotions.

Nobody likes a brand that shares nothing but sales focused content. So if you will share content that is only about you, you can’t expect growth. To connect with your target audience, you need to touch your customers on multiple places.

Insert Call-to-Action

The end goal of doing social media marketing is to make the audience reach out to your business. This is a crucial part of the whole process to make the path easy for them to reach out to you. There should be a sense of urgency created amongst the audience by including a call-to-action or a hook. Remember to keep the CTAs appealing and well in sync with the brand image.

Without a CTA, your customers will be clueless, most of your hard earned visitors will just bounce back after coming so close and I’m sure, you don’t want that.

Optimize Images

People are highly obsessed with good images on social media. As a result, social media platforms like Facebook have better engagement rate for an image content than any other type of content. Therefore, you should always use attractive images to get more audience attention. Also, you can easily create attractive social media content with a free designing tool like canva. It is less time consuming and cost saving too.

Go with the trend and use infographics, memes, gifs or any other media which you think your audience will find interesting. Your audience will love to hear more from you only if the content seems to be entertaining yet relatable to them. Put your creative hats on and design something that is unique from your competitors.

Focusing on Reviews

Customers always look forward to reviews before making any purchase decision.  Just like all of us, even your potential customers prefer to trust a brand that has been used and reviewed by others. 

Positive reviews also end up making a long-lasting impact on the audience. Respect your loyal customers, keep them happy by creating offers exclusive to them. After all, your happy customers are your best promoters.

Other ways of recommendation like word of mouth also help the business to get new customers. Word of mouth marketing has worked great for many big brands. So focus on earning positive reviews, both online and offline. On the other hand, if you are getting any negative review, handle it very carefully.

Make Use of Google

When it comes to small businesses, Google+ has a lot to offer. The best part about Google+ is that it has more followers than any other social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram. This is because people who use Youtube or Gmail surely consist of Google+ account. Your search ranking is positively impacted by an active Google+ account. Every Google+ account must get frequently updated. A Google + account must include business information, contact details like email and phone number.

If used properly, social media is one of the best marketing technique for every kind of business (irrespective of size). I hope this article helped you to know about some social media growth hacks for your business. In case of any doubt, do let us know through the comment section below. Thanks!

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