Role of Food and Nutrition in Human Life

Nutrition is a complex process of interaction between the human body and food, only as a result of which a person can exist physically. Each of us has its own combination of cells and atoms that make up the physical membrane, which means that everyone needs their own food composition.

The concept of food is difficult to define. From a chemical point of view, food can be called a mixture of organic and inorganic substances. And digestion is the process of mechanical and chemical processing of food. As a result of digestion, the types of nutrients that enter the body with food are absorbed and absorbed, and unnecessary ones are excreted.

 The Role of Food in Human Life

The problem of health, and therefore nutrition, is important for every person – young, old, sick and practically healthy. Not only our health as a whole, but also our mood, capacity for work, and even creativity, that is, our spiritual world, depends on what we eat and this ultimately can be understood through simple health tips.

In the human body, cell decay is constantly taking place, replaced by new ones. A person receives building material for cells from the components of food: chemicals that make up food. They serve as the main sources of biologically active substances necessary for regulating the vital processes of the body. Vital activity is understood as the growth and development of the body, health, working capacity, longevity, and the ability to create. The consumption of substances and energy, and therefore their replenishment, is a necessary condition for the existence of biological systems, which we are, and the development of life in general.

Simply put, while a person moves and thinks, he expends energy and replenishes it through food. Consequently, man needs food in order to maintain his physical existence, followed by his spiritual existence.

Food as a Source of Energy

Throughout life, a person carries out a variety of physical movements associated with moving the body and performing work. All life in the body the heart, muscles, digestive, and other systems work, some substances break down and others are synthesized, which underlies the metabolism and constant cell renewal. These processes require energy, which the body receives through nutrients.

Different types of nutrients in the human body undergo changes as a result of oxidation by atmospheric oxygen that enters through the respiratory system and spreads to all cells. In this case, a certain amount of energy is released in the form of heat.

The Role of Proper Nutrition in Human Life

Nutrition is such a process during which beneficial substances, vitamins, and minerals must enter the body. Thanks to them, the life process is provided. Modern nutritionists strongly recommend proper nutrition. Why is this question so relevant today? What is a balanced diet? This is when a person tries to consume wholesome food so that the body remains longer young and healthy.

It is very difficult to overestimate the importance of nutrition for human health. After all, how we feel depends on him. Nowadays, simple health tips are there to ensure that as many people as possible attract healthy nutrition since in the 21st century many people prefer fast food. But, as everyone knows, hamburgers and other junk foods cause obesity and various diseases.

The gastrointestinal tract is primarily affected by malnutrition. The skin condition also worsens. The liver is very affected, and, of course, there is a big load on the cardiovascular system. And those who do not want to get fat, on the contrary, try to sit on different diets and receive less in connection with this a large number of useful substances. This leads to reduced performance. After all, a person who is on a diet becomes lethargic, loses interest in life and suffers from a number of diseases. It is important to remember that proper intake of different types of nutrition is the most important part of human life.

It will depend on what kind of food we take, how well we will carry out our work. After all, it is important for the human body that it enters. Proper nutrition is not just food, but a lifestyle that everyone should adhere to if he wants to live happily ever after. Not only our well-being but also the simple health tips of the offspring depends on the quality of food. Today, scientists recognize the fact that more than seventy percent of the world’s population does not eat properly. What gives nutrition? This is a guarantee that all organs and systems of our body will function without interruptions. But this is not enough for a full life. What gives you proper nutrition? By adhering to it, you will be healthy not only physically, but primarily mentally.

Salt is naturally found in foods, usually in small quantities. Salt is often used for special processing and preserving of products. In addition, most people add food at the table. Salt is mainly consumed with products that have undergone special processing (about 80% of total salt intake).

Therefore, canned, salted, smoked products (meat, fish) are recommended to be consumed only in small quantities and not every day. Food should be prepared with a minimum amount of salt, and to improve the taste add herbs and spices.

The consumption of vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C, along with foods rich in iron, such as legumes, cereals, will improve the absorption of iron. Sources of iron are leafy greens of the cabbage family – broccoli, spinach. Vegetables and fruits also contain B vitamins and minerals: magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

The availability of fresh fruits and vegetables varies depending on the time of the year and the region, but frozen, dry and specially processed fruits and vegetables are available throughout the year. It is recommended to give preference to seasonal products grown locally.

Healthy eating does not mean eating only fruits and vegetables. It can be interpreted differently. Healthy eating implies that a person should eat enough protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and even fats with food. But remember that there should be a sense of proportion in everything. No need to oversaturate the body with all the important trace elements.

Today there are more and more newfangled systems for proper nutrition. And it is difficult for an ordinary person to understand what is really needed, and what can simply harm the body. The power system must be balanced. It should also include all healthy foods.


Improper nutrition significantly reduces the body’s defenses and performance, disrupts metabolic processes, leads to premature aging and can contribute to the emergence of many diseases, including infectious ones, since a weakened body is susceptible to any negative effects. For example, excessive nutrition, especially in combination with neuropsychic stress, a sedentary lifestyle, drinking alcohol, and smoking can lead to many diseases.

Atherosclerosis, obesity, cholelithiasis, gout, diabetes mellitus are among the diseases associated with over-nutrition by the World Health Organization (WHO). Overeating is often the cause of diseases of the circulatory system.

They cause damage to the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and other systems, dramatically reduce the ability to work and disease resistance, reducing life expectancy by an average of 8-10 years.

Malnutrition and hunger result in malnutrition. Constant malnutrition causes kwashiorkor, a serious illness of children due to protein malnutrition. In this case, diseases in children slow down growth and mental development, bone formation is impaired, changes occur in the liver, pancreas.

A ration is considered to be such a diet that ensures the normal functioning of the body, a high level of performance and resistance to the effects of adverse environmental factors, the maximum duration of an active life.

Proper nutrition with simple health tips is the essential need of a human for maintaining the health and high performance of adults, and for children is also a necessary condition for growth and development.

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