Guide to Outdoor Home Lighting

Whether you are hosting a daytime garden party or a night cocktail, displaying the outdoors with a sparkling effect under the star-lit sky can make all the difference. The outdoor lighting solutions combine to balance your individualistic style. From hanging lanterns to string lights and small focus-lights, turn your backyard or outdoors into a fairyland with the help of the guidelines discussed below. These ideas will assist you to get outdoors lit up in perfection, along with beauty and style.

String Lights

String-lights are always easy to handle and pocket-friendly. They give a soothing and ambient glow everywhere. A barbecue night or a romantic dinner, these sparkling strands give out beautiful light, once tied together.

Do not over-do, but for small get-together try fixing them on the patio edges. The subtlety of the same minimizes any distraction while gifting a soft luminescence all around. When planning for a large gathering, multiple string light strands can be hung parallel above the head.

Various sorts of the telescoping-light strand are readily available in home furnishing or electrical retail outlets. They can be hung from the branches to incorporate the panoramic view.

Be cautious during rainy seasons. Hang the strands under canopies. If planning to illuminate a particular portion, consider fixing the string-lights to a patio sun-umbrella. 

Vintage lanterns or hurricanes

Vintage lanterns or hurricanes

Your outdoor gathering lights up with the aid of old lanterns or hurricanes. The backyard illumines with the same while lighting the path in connection to the outdoor bar. Vintage lamps can decorate the path directing towards the barbecue section. Hurricanes, when placed together at one corner of your backyard or garden, gives out a beautiful effect.

An atmospheric touch to an alfresco setup is thus lent by it. Small colored pebbles, shells or real greens fill the insides of the lamps. Every corner lights up when you shuffle the various sizes of lanterns or hurricanes. Plan to place a couple of them beside your wicker chair, or hammock.

Floor lanterns are also a good option. Tapered candles inside brighten the dark corners of the doorway. What is better? Hurricanes and assorted lanterns add-on to your outdoor décor during the daytime also. They give the outdoors a dapper look with sleek and stylish designs.  It has a unique appeal. 

Outdoor lighting with assorted Candles

Outdoor lighting with assorted Candles

Candles of various colors and designs make for perfect outdoor lighting on a peaceful day. You can place them anywhere, from your entrance to the patio door, in distinctive candle holders. They gracefully do their part by enhancing the ambiance.

Place an aromatic lighted candle to aid in relaxation after a long day’s toil. Add onto the final touch over a formal dinner, organized outdoors with a designer candleholders.

You can accentuate the garden fences by hanging clear jars with tea-lights placed in them. Votive used liberally in ceramic holders, acting as a guiding light over the walkway.

Pendant lights or lamps

Pendant lights or lamps

Consider the addition of pendant lights or lamps to decorate the outdoors. They can easily be hung over the tables when your party is on a roll. The rustic colored pendant light helps in maintaining your home’s variability.

When planning for any formal get-together, you can get the sophisticated style on the porch along with a chandelier. Again be cautious of rain. Place them under covered areas when planning during the monsoons.

Let your creative soul out by hanging the lights on sturdy tree trunks. They act as a good alternative. They will not obstruct your way and will sustain the wind blows. The nooks and crevices of the outdoors can lit-up with the same when placed over a deck of a lounge chair or a buffet table.

Path Lights

To give your heavenly abode a subtle look. Blend the walkways with small lights. Solar panel lights or stake lights are good options, as they are both convenient and eco-friendly. Not only the entrance will be safe but it will illuminate with the same.

Fix the path lights over the driveway, the garden edges, or the poolside. Bright LEDs effortlessly come as guiding light, once you are outdoors.

Different sized bulbs

Different sized bulbs

String lights change the mood of any gathering, be it outdoors or indoors. If you are planning for an intimate gathering, strands of small bulbs can accentuate the entire background. Outdoors are an excellent option if planning for any dance parties or karaoke nights.

String lights with bigger bulbs make a statement over the whole event, as well as add on to the lively atmosphere. White color bulbs are apt for any daily event. But then opt for multicolor ones for any special occasions.

Various shaped bulbs are readily available in big retail outlets, ranging from halogen fruit shapes to fluorescent hearts.

Safety measures

A handful of quick tips follow, which acts as a safety measure concerning the outdoor lighting.

  • Be sure that all the bulbs and other electrical connections fit for outdoor use. Whether fixed under a covered area or outdoors, the safety seal should be present on each of their cases.
  • Hire a professional to get the electrical fixtures made. There are various nuisances of the connections, which you might not be aware of.
  • Consider investing in bulbs with an extended guarantee, which will minimize you’re climbing up ladders or moving furniture!
  • Cover the outdoor outlet adequately and ensure tp protect the plug and the power cord well.

Enjoy your outer space

When in summers, we all prefer relaxing outdoors. While you spend over outdoor or garden furniture, it is also wise to figure out the outdoor home lighting setup. The above guide will help you to start decorating your outdoors. Try shedding a little light while enjoying your outer space!

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