Reasons to not join clear voice surveys

Clear Voice Survey is a site which will provide you with money in return for the opinion on different products and services.

But the real question that you have to ask is if clear voice survey is legitimate and worth joining, or if it is a scam site from which you have to stay away? 

Clear Voice Surveys: Everything you need to know

I have experienced this by doing the service myself, and I will clear your doubt by sharing my experience and exactly what it offers. But if I have to say right away then in my opinion it is truly not worth joining.

Before getting to this topic let me just clear it up that the clear voice survey is a legit site and not one of the scam sites. 

The site has a poor payout method. The payouts selection is just limited in a very simple way. You have to spend a lot of time on creating a profile before actually having to write a review for a product.

Despite all this, the service consumes an ample amount of time and it does not even fetch you much. 

The earning possibilities in this are very poor in relation to the time spent in clear voice surveys.

They don’t pay enough compared to many other sites and it is also true that they don’t provide you with a lot of information.

The clear voice surveys do not disclose most of the information about how the site runs. It also seems that there are a lot of pointless polls.

You get paid for some and there are polls which are considered to be free. Always make sure that the polls in which you’re participating are paid ones.

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