Martie Allen Current Net Worth 2020

Most of you might remember Kristy McNicole. She was one of the very first actresses to come out and open up on her sexual preferences. Martie Allen married Kristy Nicole which made news in the early 1990s.

The two time Emmy award-winning actress did not shy away from expressing to the world that she was a lesbian and Martie Allen was the love of her life.

Who is Martie Allen?

Martie Allen was born in 1960. She has been quite secretive about her family and hasn’t spoken much about them. Martie Allen has been quite particular about her and her family’s privacy.

She does not have a social media account making it quite difficult for us to know her better.

It is known that Martie Allen wanted to be an actress. Though she managed to feature in a few television programs, Martie didn’t make much of an impact with her acting career in the early 1970s.

It was during her struggling days in the film industry where she met Kristy McNicole. At that time Kristy was quite famous. Martie riding on her partner’s luck got a few opportunities in the cine field. 

Martie Allen’s Professional career 

Her breakthrough came in 1976 where she was nominated for two Emmy awards for her role in the tv drama series “Family”. She bagged both the Emmy awards for the best-supporting actress.

1988 was another year where she enjoyed huge success. Martie got the opportunity to work with Louis Fletcher, Richard Tyson, and others in an erotic thriller.

She also had few television series lined up in the same year. Martie Allen and Kristy McNicole still share a beautiful relationship and the air is considered as a role model to celebrity actresses who have been hard on themselves and have failed to express their sexual preferences.

The celebrity couple is living a happy married life and currently Martie Allen net worth is somewhere around $7 million which includes that of her partner Kristy McNicole as well.

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