Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Possible Release Date

Domestic Girlfriend did not have a great anime Season debut. The manga version already created a huge impact. The manga written by Kei Sasuga is soon to end in the upcoming months.

But the question here is that will the makers adapt the manga version into anime.

Though it has been over a year from the launch of anime adaption but there is no confirmed news if there will be a Domestic Girlfriend Season 2.

The end of Domestic Girlfriend

An official confirmation that the series is soon to end was made by Kei Sasuga on his official twitter handle in august by their tweet.

With the manga version coming to a close, this would give the anime producers time to reflect on the anime version and also to develop the character on the basis of the story.

Though the fans found that the story was rushed and the pace of the story does not do any justice to the character.

Fans have even felt that the anime producers could have concentrated more on character development.

Will there be a new season – Anime version

This can be one of the many reasons why this anime version is not to be released as it did not do well in the first season among the audience.

The producers couldn’t bring the manga to life and brought in their own thoughts which resulted in poor Season 1 among the audience.

Maybe that is why the production house is taking the utmost time to bring out the best adaptation. 

Fans are very keen to see Natsuo and Hina back together. But according to the manga version, Natsuo ends up with Rui. This came as a disappointment among fans.

As of now, there is no official confirmation on when we might be able to see Domestic Girlfriend Season 2. Until then enjoy reading the manga and if you haven’t watched the first season do watch it on Animeultima.

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