6 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Many of us dream of building and living in our very own luxury homes, but not all of us have the means to do so. Nonetheless, creating a luxury property for sale in the Philippines does not necessarily entail emptying your bank account. Here are some inexpensive interior design hacks that you can use to transform your house into the luxurious home of your dreams while on a budget.

DIY Fake Built-In Furniture

DIY Fake Built-In Furniture

One type of furniture often found in a high-end home or a luxury property for sale in the Philippines is built-in furniture. This type of furniture is often expensive to buy but can easily be made as a DIY project. For instance, you can stack some bookshelves and install these against the wall to create the illusion of a ceiling-to-floor bookshelf.

Other ideas for built-in furniture include entertainment centers and showcase walls. These can be made almost effortlessly by taking a large horizontal bookshelf, placing this against the wall, and installing television and entertainment systems on the shelves. This bookcase turned entertainment center will surely stand out and dramatically change the look for your room.

Decorate with art

Decorate with art

Another affordable way of making your home look luxurious is to hang art on the walls. You can hang a single large piece of art as a statement piece, or make a gallery wall with a few smaller pieces that complement each other. Keep in mind that there is no need to splurge on expensive paintings when you can easily buy artworks for cheap or make your own art. If you are not artistically talented, you can always print artworks and images you find online and frame them. Another alternative is to make a gallery wall with framed pictures of your loved ones.

Accessorize but keep it simple


In addition to displaying art around the house, you can further accessorize with home decorations like throw pillows, decorative lamps, rugs, and more. Remember that there are plenty of local shops and thrift stores where you can buy decor at affordable prices.

However, be careful not to go overboard with accessories to avoid making a room look cluttered and disorganized. Instead, keep it simple and try going for a minimalist and sophisticated look for your home. Limiting yourself to a few accessories will also help you save money and avoid unnecessary decor purchases.

One trick to keep your home décor from looking too messy is to pick a color palette for an entire room and stick to it. If you lack inspiration, check out home magazines and catalogs for ideas on how to place stylish accents around your house.

Create illusions of space

illusions of space

Another trick that you can use to make your home seem more expensive is to create the illusion of large and open spaces. One way you can do this is to hang mirrors in strategic places around your house. Large mirrors trick the eyes into thinking the room is larger than it actually is by reflecting the room back. This is an especially handy trick for making small bathrooms seem more spacious. To make a tiny bathroom feel bigger and less cramped, try placing a full-length mirror against one of the bathroom walls.

Have a statement wall

statement wall

If you feel as though your walls are too plain and boring, you can easily fix this by transforming one into a statement wall. You can easily create this with patterned wallpaper or a bold color of paint to instantly brighten up your home.

Do not be afraid of making daring and eccentric choices when it comes to making a statement wall since this can easily be changed if you get tired of it in the future.

Stick-on wallpaper is arguably the most convenient option since these are designed to be easily placed and removed without any mess. Paint is another affordable and convenient option since you can always paint over existing coats of paint.

Replace old pillows and sheets

outdated pillows and sheets

One easy and cheap way to update your bedroom is to replace any worn and outdated pillows and sheets. Replace these with crisp and brand-new white linens to instantly transform your room into one as luxurious as hotel rooms. If you already have white linens, you can easily keep these fresh with simple cleaning hacks like using baking soda or DIY linen spray.

Key Takeaway

Rather than splurge on overpriced furniture and home decor, go for affordable alternatives that will give the same luxurious effect anyway. Plenty of the features of high-end homes can easily be recreated with some DIY project instructions and cheap yet sturdy materials. The key to making your home look luxurious on a tight budget is to make use of the furniture and appliances you already have and spruce these up with a fresh and new look.

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