Which Exercises Will Help You to Prevent Heart Disease?

A Sedentary lifestyle does not only makes you bored mentally but also hampers your physical health. As we have commonly heard, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We usually think of exercising as a reserved activity either for fat and obese people or for models and athletes.

While we prefer to sit and work on computers all day long and for relaxing and refreshing our minds we eat in front of the TV laying on warm comfortable sofas.

Whenever we plan to go for outings, we make WhatsApp groups, order online men’s shearling jackets and decide about the venues and menus of different indoor restaurants for lunch and dinner. In today’s luxurious lifestyle we are unable to recognize where we have lost our peace of mind and natural calmness.

We can see a large population suffering from chronic diseases at a much younger age and having a shorter life span. In order to find the root causes, we should concentrate on our health and takeout some time for our self from our busy working schedule.

Exercise Will Help You To Prevent Heart Disease

All the major health problems arise if we don’t take proper care of our heart, the rising cholesterol levels and excessive fats block the veins and arteries carrying blood throughout the body parts.

If the heart is not functioning properly how can we expect other organs to perform their tasks? Hence proper exercises are required to lose extra fats and ensure adequate intake of fresh oxygen in our body. Cardio exercise simply known as aerobic exercise makes our heart beat faster to promote increased intake of oxygen.

Hence it automatically fulfills the oxygen requirement keeping us active and healthy. Following are very few simple aerobics and cardiac exercises:


You don’t need to worry about investing a lot of time and additional efforts to keep your heart healthy. Walking is the simplest aerobic exercise, you can start from a moderate routine, just begin by walking 30 minutes a day. This will serve as a warmup activity and you will not even feel tired and burdened.

When once you get habitual you can increase the rate and start walking briskly, best ways is to have a pedometer to count the number of steps taken, this can help you keep motivated and you can cheer up by setting targets and accomplishing the desired step counts.



After having a warmup by brisk walking, you can begin the serious aerobic exercise that is running. It is the cheapest exercise not requiring any gym or trainer.

It is the most effective way to keep your heart pump faster and breathe in more amount of oxygen from the fresh air blowing outdoors. Since it has an improved rate it burns your fat much faster so you invest less time taking more benefits.

In addition to the increased heartbeat rate, it also keeps your legs and thigh stronger. All the muscles work together to make you move faster. Try running on muddy and grassy fields so that you don’t harm yourself and if you fall you can pick up and continue again, it will make you run uninterrupted with greater motivation.



It there is very hot weather outside, and you cancel your plans for a workout in laziness to run under the scorching beam of sun, the best alternative is the swimming. It is a cooler way to keep you active and enjoy while exercising, as it looks more as a pass time activity for chilling out.

You don’t need to do much effort as water lifts your entire weight and keeps you floating all the way around. You just need to take out time and forget all your heart diseases in the easiest way possible.

It is not only a cardio exercise but it also supports your lungs to grow stronger. Because as we know water is denser than the air, our lungs need to work much harder to supply oxygen to our body. This additionally provides a workout activity for our heart as well as our lungs.

Sports activities

Sports are very good for your health, they are a good source of motivation as you team up with your friends and play as competitors and have leagues, to decide the winner. Following sports keep your entire body working simultaneously:

•    Boxing: it keeps the upper part of your body very strong and you keep moving around to hit your opponent. You can jump and even practice hitting to a boxing pouch not requiring much outdoor space.


•    Cycling: you don’t need to take out individual time for this, just replace traveling on cars and buses by riding a cycle. As it is a very eco-friendly way, you also breathe in fresh air while riding. It tones your muscles and keep them strong and fit gaining more stability.


Several aerobic dances are also very famous, you can make your exercising time very fun filled so that you become habitual and these activities stay in your routine life naturally. Leading a healthy life prevents your heart from many diseases and serious diagnosis.

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