Is My Digital Survey Legit?

If you are looking for a Get-to-paid site then My Digital Survey is the one among them. You can earn money by filling surveys and other such services. The site not only allows you to participate in surveys but also in paid research and focus groups. Or so it says, how legit is this site? Does it really pay you? 

For starters, this site is known for using fake testimonials. You cannot earn money on this very site. It merely gives you access to high paying surveys. Also, there is absolutely no information about the company itself or its owner. If this doesn’t make you a little suspicious, it should. 

When you sign up for this website, it asks for your personal information like your email, name, etc, and then you are shown a screen with a small ‘’thank you for signing up’ message. That is it. The idea is that they will contact you regarding potential surveys via email. This makes it very clear that you are not working on that very site, but just a bunch of other surveys it suggests. 

Warning Red Flag About My Digital Survey

Let’s look at a few red flags here, shall we? 

One, the Privacy Policy. Most of us aren’t bothered enough to go through the privacy policies of things we sign up for. However, this one is a little concerning. One of the points mentions that your personal information will be used for the purpose of sending you emails concerning company products, third-party offers, and services that might interest you. This means your personal information will be shared with third parties. 

Two, they might sell this information to other companies if you do not go through the entire policy and click on the ‘Do not sell my information’ option.

Three, even if you sign up after the above-mentioned red flags, know that My Digital Survey does not give you quality surveys.

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