Discovering New Things With I’m Feeling Curious Google Feature

Are you getting bored amid the lengthy day? Does it trigger you to know new things? Are you willing to explore unknown facts? Is there any kind of help you require for anything? If you said yes to any of these questions, well, Google, the most popular search engine, has come up with something thrilling and satisfying. The feature or update is called I’m feeling curious, I am feeling curious or Fun Facts. All you have to do is to type these words in the Google search engine bar and press enter. You will see never-ending options and results. Try it once, and you are probably going to stick with this.

What is I’m feeling curious feature all about?

Everybody knows that the adept and innovative team of Google keeps releasing new things to offer everyone more convenience. The way how they keep editing the official logo of the search engine to pay tribute to a renowned personality or celebrate an occasion is very impressive. However, they went beyond this logo creativity this time and decided to curb the inquisitiveness of people with their I Am Feeling Curious option.

Though it has gone much viral by now, those who do not know about it even now can have answers in this post.

This feature allows the searcher to ask anything and get innumerable answers or facts around that searched topic. The best part is that you do not even have to have a question in mind already. The team understood that it can get difficult to choose what a person wishes to search for or know. So, when you use I’m feeling curious feature, you get random questions with their answers. 

For added authenticity, you will get the link to the website along with every search result. This allows the reader to get verified information instead of talks just in the air. One can also go for ‘Ask Another Question’ after getting answers for the previous search.

From animals to plants, from astrology to numerology, from current affairs to historical facts, from geography to biology, from cooking to dancing, from famous personalities to lesser-known people, this option of Fun Facts or I am Feeling Curious has endless topics in its sphere.

What are the reasons to use I’m feeling curious?

Someone has said rightly that curiosity is the essence of human life. A person will not be much driven if they lack this trait. It is highly imperative to have the feeling of wanting answers and broadening own pool of knowledge. Here are some reasons why you should always be willing to know new things and use this exciting feature by Google.

Increase Productivity

It is a competitive world nowadays and only those people can stay ahead who know the concerned subject. For example, if a recipe has gone wrong, you may find answers about how to get the flavor back. Another example would be to search for effective ways to execute a job at the office. There is no end to such points of curiosity. So, be it about personal, professional, social, or any other parameter, one can always use I’m feeling curious option to increase productivity.

Stay Positive

It is okay to feel low sometimes and anybody can feel demotivated at any point in life. In such situations, it becomes essential to look for hope and strength to make a comeback. This is where this feature can come to your rescue because all you have to do is to look for motivational or positive quotes through this feature. Go a step ahead and read about the struggles and success stories of famous personalities. They will inspire you to do better and stay positive. 

Enjoy Variety

Life can seem to get boring and monotonous after some time. This happens because a person keeps doing the same thing daily for several days, months, or even years. There is no need to feel the same repetition and dullness anymore now. Get yourself the advantage of I’m feeling curious and get ready to come across facts and things that you never knew. Look for answers about which animal represents Scotland or the meaning behind the BMW logo. There is so much to explore. 

Gain Clarity

There are countless things in the world and an individual cannot know all of them. At some points, it can be difficult to clarify your doubts. A person might have some myths in mind or your friend might be suggesting an opposite fact. It would not be a great idea to have wrong info or doubts in mind. So, the best catch here would be to use this fabulous feature by Google and know what is wrong/ right. It is a perfect way to get rid of doubts and be clear in all terms.

These are not the only perks of being curious or wanting to have answers for anything. There are plenty more subjective advantages that you enjoy in your personal or professional life. Try this feature once and get benefits as per your profile. 

What are the do’s while using the I’m feeling curious feature?

A person cannot stay within limits or be unwelcoming while using I’m feeling curious feature or being curious in life otherwise also. Try to do the following things to get the best experience herein as an inquisitive person.

  • Always stay open-minded and welcome changes.
  • Do not restrict yourself to one answer only.
  • Accept that you might be wrong at some points.
  • Keep asking questions till you are fully satisfied.
  • Try to explore topics you otherwise do not like.
  • Do not hesitate in asking questions; nobody is judging you here.

You will be surprised and happy to know umpteen things about which you did not have even an iota of an idea. You will always have something to talk about with others when knowing about things that others may or may not know. It is also an icebreaker kind of a thing. So, go ahead and start with this.

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