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When they return to school after a long and happy holiday, children are on their heels. This year brings together some ideas for the first day after the holidays to turn those sad faces into bright, jubilant faces of happiness. Do some encouragement talk as any discouragement may lead to back to school necklace.

If your child keeps telling you that you don’t want to go back to school and that you’d rather stay home and play with your computer, then you should spend some time talking to him. Once your child remembers all these beautiful feelings felt at school, he will be tempted to go back to school. 

 So, try these methods first before you get frustrated by your child’s persistence in spending more months on vacation. 

Going back to school after the holidays is indeed a challenge! Students return tired and overexcited simultaneously, and teachers need them to readapt to the routine as soon as possible because they have a program to meet and goals to achieve. 

Helping them readjust to activities can take a few days, so we have some tips to help them prevent back to school necklace if you find them useful! 

1. It is to be expected that they are tired 

Realistically, it is very likely that the children woke up late and stayed awake beyond their usual bedtime during the holidays. Indeed, they spent more time with their families, went on vacation, and ate more sweets and desserts than usual. 

We can’t assume that any student listened when we asked them to read during their days off or review a lesson they had overdue, but it’s likely that the kids went on vacation and forgot everything. Everything that is done on the day should be about the new year’s theme. 

 So, the safest is that the children become tired and out of routine on the return to school. The good news is that students usually recover quickly. So, if we are patient, we will generally be acting in a week. 

2. Review rules and routines 

The main goal after the holidays is for the hall to be a harmonious community built together as quickly as possible. If on the return to school, we give ourselves time to review with the students the rules and routines that we will have in class, we will help them establish the behavior expected of them and the commitments that everyone has within the classroom. 

If there are any rules or routines that there are doubts about or a situation that students have commented on, this is an excellent time to make adjustments. 

3. Make resolutions together with the students 

On the first, have the kids write a paragraph about the funniest part of their vacation. A new year begins full of opportunities. In back to school, you can discuss how this point represents the beginning of a new cycle and serves as a starting point for creating good habits, changing old ones, and reaching new goals. Use colored markers. Roll the construction paper into cones and fasten them. These will be your hats for the party! Set them aside and get on with your day.  

4. Cookies and exchange 

Have the children wear their hats and hand out cookies you’ve brought home. Have the kids read their funniest moment of the Christmas holidays or read or act on the resolution they wrote on their hats. Have other children find out what their partner is acting on.

5. Promise a reward  

When you start the morning as you always do, remind them of your promise to them. This may be some bribery, but it will work. Now, think of something your child has been craving and couldn’t give them during their vacation. It can be a device like a PSP, a Wii, a puppy, an iguana as a pet, or maybe a new cell phone you’ve been craving for months. Make a promise to your child that if he ever returns to school and somehow excels in class, he will reward him with what he wants most. 

Children may not know how to express it, but they often want to adjust some behaviors or patterns in their lives, and group activity in the first days of class can help them land these concerns.  

To help them, we shared material that they could implement in the classroom, and that serves as an individual exercise to share in a group.  

Yes, getting your school community back into the routine may require a little effort and take a few days, but the good news is that a new school year implies a fresh start for everyone. With a strategy and a lot of motivation, these early days can help readjust the classroom and make back to school necklace a great experience.

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