How to Uninstall CM Launcher on Samsung S7?

If you are tired of the same old settings and themes on your Samsung Galaxy S, then you should try CM Launcher. CM Launcher is a new version of the popular Theme Manager application which allows you to change your phone’s theme in a completely new way. If you are planning to buy a new handset but don’t want to take an old one’s word for it, then you can go for this latest release instead.

The CM launcher lets you choose from various different themes and it also lets you combine different themes with a single application. This is a much better option because you can have something new for your phone without spending a lot of money.

To use CM Launcher, you need to download the app and then install it on your phone. After installing it, you can now select any of the themes that you would like to apply to your phone. To apply a new theme, all you have to do is launch the app and search for themes. The search will result in various different themes that you can choose from. Once you have selected one, you can now apply it to your phone by clicking on the plus sign next to the theme you want to apply.

The application lets you personalize your Samsung Galaxy S by changing the look and feel of the phone in a way that nobody else has. You can change the background, apply a new theme, add a new ringtone, and much more with just a few clicks. Now is the time that you downloaded CM Launcher and changed the way you have always wanted your phone to be.

How to uninstall CM Launcher?

Many Samsung owners are wondering how to uninstall CM Launcher on Samsung S7. The same question is being asked by many users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 whose software has been infected with the CMU or “Carlson Multi-media User Interface” virus. This program is a Trojan horse that installed itself onto the cell phone, demanding that the users buy an update to the operating system.

The annoying thing about this is that it installs the same fake software on all the Samsung S7 phones. Fortunately, there are steps on how to uninstall this rogue program in order to free your phone from its clutches. It is important to note though that these steps may differ from one phone to another.

Since the program installs itself automatically on your phone without your permission or knowledge, you may think that there is no way of removing it. However, this isn’t the case. Unlike malware, this program requires a download mirror in order to work properly. Thus, users would have to visit a particular website in order to download the latest update of the operating system.


The first step to uninstall CM Launcher on Samsung S7 is to perform a complete system scan. To do this, you would simply need to go to “Settings.” Once there, go to” Interface,” then” General.” Under that section, you should look for the option “Network settings.”

After selecting that particular option, you should click on “OK.” In the process, several files would be identified, including the one mentioned earlier which asks for an update. You may choose to download that update manually by clicking on the” Download Manager” icon right after the “Settings” selection. Some users would opt to let the program install the update for them.

Locate the program

The next step to uninstall CM Launcher on Samsung S7 is to locate the program in the “Add/Remove Programs” list. For that reason, it is suggested that you should always have the program’s name and version on your device before proceeding to this step. If you cannot find it, you can simply search for it through any of the search engines, or you can open up the “Programs & Features” control panel on your Windows OS. You would need to click on the “install/uninstall” tab there in order to be able to click on the various items to uninstall the program.

System restore feature

In the meantime, you can try to use the system restore feature in your Samsung S7. This would certainly bring back the preferences used by the program, including all the various features as well. But if this doesn’t work, then you may simply proceed to delete the whole thing.

As a matter of fact, it is strongly suggested that you should never attempt to delete the likes of system folders and other files that are required by your computer programs. In addition to that, you should also bear in mind that deleting profiles will not automatically be restored once you perform a factory reset.

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