5 Website Builder Tools You Should Have This 2020

In this digital era, where 59% of the world’s population are active internet users, it’s almost imperative for your business to have a website to thrive and succeed.

Years ago, website building seemed like an exclusive task for those who have the experts and the resources to build their website. You had to pay for experts, software, hardware, and the like to start and maintain one. But as technology is advancing, time-consuming and resources-depleting tasks are being streamlined more and more. Website building is one of those.

Today, there is a plethora of tools available for both newcomers and experts in the rising field of web design and development.

Just as you need the best tools to build something well and of excellent quality, you also need the right website builder tools to aid you in creating that perfect fit of a website that would best carry the heart of your brand.

I chose these five website builder tools for their popularity, ease of use, and flexibility to cater to any type of design and functionality for their site: 


Image Source: WordPress.Org

WordPress.org is still the most popular website builder to date. It is a self-hosted platform that welcomes novices and professionals alike in the world of sustainable and user-friendly website design. It is an open-source website builder free for anyone to use, and more than 33.5% of websites are powered by WordPress.

Website-builders love that they have full control over their website and its data. This autonomy means they decide what happens to their website and data, and even if WordPress ceases to exist, their data will not be lost. It is not the same for website builder tools that are not self-hosted.

WordPress is highly user-friendly and user-intuitive. It’s easy to modify or update designs, campaigns, content, and ads on your site to keep it fresh and relevant.

There are more than 55,000 free plugins to choose from to extend the functionality of WordPress dramatically. It also has SEO plugins that help you track the performance of your site with accurate and actionable metrics and measurements.


You can use WordPress for eCommerce websites, social networks, membership websites, community forums, or personal blogs. Whatever the purpose of your website is, WordPress has a solution for you.

WordPress.org interface and functionality are easy to learn. You will have to buy a domain from the beginning, though. If you see your website as an extension of your business, then the initial cost will be worth it if it means you can make the most professional and excellent website you can come up with to represent best and market your brand.

GoDaddy Website Builder

Image Source: godaddy.com

GoDaddy is famous for both newcomers in web design and with the maters in the field. Imagine building a completely functional, appealing website in less than an hour? With this tool, you can. It is the fastest all-in-one website builder for creating a website. Website building has become so simple with GoDaddy Website Builder.

There are 52 sections and 20 themes to choose from, although the downside is that they are too generic with minor options for customization. It is an excellent tool to start with if you are an amateur learning the ropes, but for experts and professionals, it can be frustrating to be stuck with GoDaddy presets.

GoDaddy may offer speed and simplicity, and it isn’t the best choice for tremendous or complex websites.


Image Source: wix.com

With Wix.com, you have more legroom to create the kind of website you like. Even beginners can produce high-quality websites. Whatever the purpose of your website, you will find Wix a handy tool to achieve your website goals.

You can build an online presence unique to your brand. You can also easily modify your website by picking one among the many templates that Wix has to offer. All you need to do is answer questions so they can predetermine options that best answer to your specific style and niche and purpose for the website.

You can add advanced features like a blog page, an eCommerce page, and a page to receive bookings done by customers.

You can also be assured that your website is mobile-friendly. You can customize how you want it to appear when your site is on a mobile device through the Mobile Editor.

Wix helps you customize your website for search engines, so your keywords, location, and other factors can easily be discovered or found online through organic search inquiry.

Wix also comes with added tools like the Wix Editor. It gives you full charge over the design. You have over 500 designer-made templates to select from, with a very innovative drag and drop website builder. You can incorporate video backgrounds, scroll effects, and animation. Create stunning, professionally-looking websites in a breeze with Wix Editor. You can enjoy total design freedom with optimized business applications.

You can also use Corvid by Wix, which is an open development platform. You can create web applications without a server and the use of hassle-free coding. You can integrate all your content from combined databases, use your code in the built-in IDE, work in your environment, and connect to 100s of APIs.

Wix has gone through the efforts of ensuring that web builders need not jump through hoops just to come up with excellent-quality websites and manage their eCommerce business in one place.

Having everything you need to do to maintain, sustain, and improve your website and eCommerce business establishes your credibility. It improves customer relationships as you also make your website a one-stop-shop for your clients—getting quality content, excellent products, or services and superb customer service all at once as well.

It’s the reason why Wix Website Builder is an excellent choice for those who want flexibility, innovation, and user-friendliness on their website.

As a matter of fact, over 160 million people globally prefer Wix when creating a free website. You can, too, with the following steps.

How to Create a Free Website

  • Sign up for a free Wix website builder.
  • Choose what kind of website you want to make.
  • Customise a template. You can also get a website done for you.
  • Drag and drop the design features of your liking.
  • Add text, galleries, videos, vector art, and more.
  • Add a member’s area and blog, an online store, and a booking system I applicable.
  • Go live by publishing your website. See your professional online presence grow.
  • Direct online traffic to your site by using advanced SEO tools and marketing solutions.

One downside to using Wix, however, is that you cannot use your domain name. Since Wix is not a self-hosted website builder, you would have to use their format http://www.yourname.wixsite.come/yoursite.

Its banner ad may also be a bit intrusive, especially for your website visitors. It stays in place even when you scroll down the site. The open plan is too limited at 500MB only, so forget about incorporating lots of high-resolution images or videos. There is video-editing software you can use to optimize your videos, but still, you cannot add a lot because of the limited capacity. The only way to increase the capacity and availing other features is by upgrading to a Premium account.

Gator by HostGator

Image Source: hostgator.com

Gator is excellent for small businesses and is a widely-used tool offering a one-stop-shop, fully-hosted platform experience. All backend operations are handled for you, like in the areas of updates in software and security, and backups. You have more than 200 templates at your disposal, with each ready for modifications to cater to your website design and purpose.

You can do on-page edits. Drag-and-drop options are available to add images, videos, contact forms, and the like. This point-and-drag option makes it very user-friendly, which works well with most users, from beginners to professionals alike.

You also get a custom domain, and upgrading to an eCommerce plan means you can set up your online store immediately so you can start selling online. You also get a photo gallery or library and security for your data.

Gator does not have a free plan because it’s a paid product. Getting a trial account is not applicable either.

Gator may not be equal with the world-famous WordPress.org, but it is still a great option when you are considering a decent website builder.


Image Source: shopify.com

This top five list will not be complete without Shopify. eCommerce has exponentially increased as an industry the past decade alone, which levels up the playing field for all types of business going online.

Big corporations and small businesses alike. For instance, SMEs or Small to Medium-sized Enterprises, Micro-Businesses, and even independent start-ups can now match corporations, businesses, and industries. Small-scale businesses are gaining a louder voice.

Consumers are also taking a more active part in their purchases, do their research, listen to peer reviews, and even determines factors such as domain authority, online presence, and even CSR or corporate social responsibility.

The consumers are becoming more aware and curious about the story behind the brand, the people behind the business. Your story can benefit others or add values to their lives.

Website builders like Shopify, work hand-in-hand with design websites that best represent them as a brand while serving their customers. Gator makes their sales funnel journey enjoyable, secure, and easy.

More than $40 billion of products and services were sold through the Shopify platform. Shopify is responsible for more than half a million businesses and has active users reaching over a million.

With Shopify, backend operations are handled and maintained by the site. So the web designer owner needs to focus on are the front-facing actions of the website. Customers receive immediate replies, feedback, assistance, and impeccable service.

Shopify also integrates secure payment options and secure third-party payment gateways. It provides full inventory management, easy-to-apply eCommerce solutions, detailed statistics, unlimited products, and a POS system.


The level of comfort, internet experience, and the complexity of the websites you build and maintain depends on what you envision for your website. Selecting a web host is not just like choosing a server.

Choosing the right website builder and setting it up is on Gator is excellent for small businesses and is a widely-used tool offering a one-stop-shop, fully-hosted platform experience.

Backend operations are taken cared of, like areas of updates in software and security, and as well as backups. You have more than 200 templates at your disposal, with each ready for modifications to cater to your website design and purpose.

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