How to Personalize Your Home in 2022

Make your home’s space all you. Whose home is it, anyway? You’re not decorating to impress the Jones’—at least, we hope you’re not. There’s something special about people creating a home that is full of things that are entirely special to them. Here are some ideas for how you can personalize your home that is all about you:

Use your favorite color

Do you love the color pink? Great. Paint your walls pink if you want. In fact, accent walls painted bold colors can add a lot of style to a home. However, before you paint a wall or two any color, consider the kind of effect that color can have on you. For example, you may not want to paint your office red, as this could cause you to feel stressed or anxious.

Make your wall art unique

Instead of shopping at Ross or Walmart for your wall art, take time to carefully pick out décor that makes your space look uniquely you. This may look like buying art from a street artist while on a trip or like asking an artist friend to make you a custom piece.

It could be getting a canvas picture from a picture that you took or a picture collage of your family. Do you know a local mural artist? Hire a muralist for a custom piece in your home, if you can spare the extra cash. If it’s a well-known artist in the area, how cool would that be to have their art in your home?

Personalize Your Home

Pick out great wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great addition to a home as well, especially because you can show a lot of your personal style with it. Whether you like the idea of flamingo wallpaper as a backdrop in your bathroom or you like a simple yet bold print for your living room, there are many reasons to consider how beneficial wallpaper can be for adding style to your home in a personal way.

Incorporate unique décor, no matter how quirky it may be

So, you like art that’s a little bizarre? Hang it wherever you like—it’s your home. Do you appreciate home décor from far away places? Bring it back from your trips.

While it may be a quirky idea for some, if you love shot glasses from all the countries that you’ve been to, line them up on your bookshelf. It’s your home, after all, so whatever floats your boat, do it. You’re not creating a space that’s designed for other people—at least you shouldn’t be.

Add unique lighting

If you want to add red lighting to your lounge space, who is to say that you shouldn’t? Okay, maybe your interior designer may have something to say, but the reality is that unique lights can actually create a really amazing space.

Whether that’s fluorescent lighting above your bookshelf or it’s a whole light source in your game room, that’s up to you. Just know that if you want to create a unique space, fluorescent lighting can be a great way to do just that.

In Conclusion

Adding a personal touch to your home can be subtle. It can also be bold. Decorate it as you want. Paint the walls the colors you love or use quirky wallpaper throughout the house. Do what you want. If you’re looking to keep it classy yet “you”, hire an interior designer who can help you personalize your home that is beautiful yet unique.

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